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M.I.S.S. in Lady Caprice

M.I.S.S. in Lady Caprice

M.I.S.S. in Lady Caprice

French-based magazine, Lady Caprice wrote an article on M.I.S.S’s very own Lori Lobenstine, founder of Female Sneaker Fiend.  As members of FSF, Lori asked Liz and I to submit photos of our collections for the piece.  Check out the full story to see the photos - and shouts to other fabulous ladies featured including Pink Eye, Toofly and Mafia.

Liz’s Collection (bottom two photos):  And you know the vintage queen has the Gucci to go along with all her kicks!

M.I.S.S. in Lady Caprice

Gabriella’s Collection (top photo):  I quickly ran out of room in the kitchen and could only show 1 shoe of each pair.

M.I.S.S. in Lady Caprice - Gabriella's shoe collection

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