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New Tint from Benefit: PosieTint

posietint benefit

Benefit‘s Benetint has had a cult following since it came out years ago and I am a part of that cult thank you very much.  I’ve never been much of a powdered blush girl - it always ends up looking fake and caked on to me.  Which is why I love Benetint - it gives you a natural rosy glow look that can be replicated by a few spins around the block.  Up until now, Benetint has only been available in a “one color suits all” shade of berry red. Benefit has cooked up a new shade for the ladies called Posietint.  Posietint is a bit lighter than Benetint and comes in a petal pink color.  The stains work equally well on cheeks and lips and last for hours.  I can’t wait to try this new shade!

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M.I.S.S. Jet Set: Pack Light or Pay Up

miss jet set
jet set

If you’re looking for reasons to commit to carry-on travel these days, look no further.

American Airlines recently announced that traveling with anything more than a carry on and one personal item will cost you. American Airlines is now charging $15 for the first checked bag. Most other airlines let you check one bag, but charge for the second checked bag. However, many airlines are seriously considering following the American Airlines lead and instituting a charge for the first checked bag as well.

Ladies, I say that the thought of paying even MORE money for a flight is a great motivator to see just how compactly we can pack our carry-on bags!

Here are a few tips to help you streamline your carry-on packing:

* Make a list, and check it twice. It may seem like too much trouble but planning your packing can keep you from overpacking (and paying higher fees at the airport), and it can ease your mind about forgetting crucial items. Throw the packing list in the carry-on and check things off when you’re ready to come home to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

* Invest in a good carry-on bag. Dig out your tape measure and go shopping! You’re looking for a bag no larger than 45″ total, or dimensions of about 22″ x 14″ x 9″. Look for those with an easy-access front compartment to hold your quart-sized liquids ziplock bag. Bright colors or patterns are a good choice for easy identification.

* Scale back on the electronics. If you normally carry a laptop, cell phone, PDA, iPod, digital camera, voice recorder and noise machine (I’m guilty of this), consider investing in an ultra-light new laptop (Apple’s MacBook Air is a great option) and an “all-in-one” cell phone (Palm’s Centro and Treo phones are very well-rounded). Buy an extra charger for each and keep them packed in a ziplock bag in your carry-on.

Read the rest of the tips after the jump . . .

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Keep Sidewalk Sale - This Weekend!

keep sidewalk sale

It’s a sales bonanza! This weekend Keep shoes is hosting a sidewalk sale at their headquarters.  Like they said, the early bird gets the worm so don’t sleep in!

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Betsey Johnson: New Bags & Dresses

betsey johnson

Betsey Johnson has updated her site with more cuteness. Her newest collection of bags explore the nautical theme - with stripes, anchors and studs galore and the old-school aviation theme (think vintage Pan Am bags) all with the pizzazz and glitz that make Betsey Johnson so unique. She’s also added more dresses to her collection. I always manage to find tons of dresses that I want to wear - whether for work, play or partying. BJ does a great job of making dresses that you can find for any occasion. Check for updated looks on her site.

betsey johnson

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Manik x Craig Wetherby Photography Exhibition at Goods in Seattle

craig wetherby

Craig Wetherby is exhibiting his photographs at Goods in Seattle and his show opens this Saturday.  If you’re not familiar with his work this is a great chance to get familiar.  He takes amazing shots of musicians, athletes, artists and entertainers and he always manages to catch their personalities on film and bring them to life.  Check out the opening and then head over to the after party at the War Room.

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