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The Rebel Angels: Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon

Remember a time when love songs didn’t have rap cameos and Harajuku girls dancing back-up? Hard to believe, but it did exist! Back in the yesteryears of music, love was free, men were plentiful, and everybody hooked up guilt-free - no paparazzi spoilers. No wonder some of the best music of our generation was created then, and if you don’t know what you’re missing, you’re in luck.

Vanity Fair‘s latest issue has a feature story on three of the most accomplished, groundbreaking - and unapologetic - singer/songstresses in musical history: Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon. And please don’t be intimidated by this substantial piece of literature - you’ll be interested in what Old Hollywood star inspired the iconic “You’re So Vain” and which lady gave up all her fame to live with an abusive cowboy from Idaho. Take note girls, because we may not see this caliber of uninhibited talent anytime soon.

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Women Making History: Gabriella & Liz, Founders of M.I.S.S. Crew

women making history

Ladies, we’ve come to the final day of our Women Making History series. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the outstanding ladies who are “making history�? in their respective fields, as much as we’ve enjoyed featuring them.

We couldn’t think of a better way to end the series than to have our founding members, Liz “Busy Lady�? Baca and Gabriella “Mama�? Davi-Khorasanee share their stories of how M.I.S.S. Crew came about!

Gabriella’s up first:

“Though Mama’s International Secret Society started in 2006, I had been playing around with the idea for about a year before the thoughts came to fruition. I had been in the industry for about four years and I was frustrated with how much of a “boys club�? it was. I knew there were plenty of women in the biz, but that they weren’t getting the shine that the boys were. I wanted to create a forum for the ladies to get together and share experiences and ideas and also create a media outlet to give women’s product the attention that it was not getting on men’s-focused online platforms. The ladies often get hit with a bad sterotype of tearing each other down and I wanted to prove that sterotype wrong. Strength in numbers! I knew that M.I.S.S. was a large undertaking, and if done right, would be bigger than I could handle so I asked Liz Baca, of The Goods!, if it was something that she wanted to work on with me. When I told her the idea she was down from the start.�?

After the jump, Gabriella concludes her back-story on M.I.S.S. Crew and shares a little about herself. Liz follows this with her story, along with pictures to share! JUMP!

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The Hotstepper
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Going Fast!

Ladies! The super limited Reebok Reebok x Maeda Emoretion that we’ve been telling you about is available for sale today, exclusively at, and they are going FAST! Only 100 Pairs are for sale in this country! You can watch the countdown as they disappear, so act fast if you want em!


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Undercover x Globetrotter x Hello Kitty


undercover x hello kitty x globetrotter suitcases - highsnobiety

After a successful t-shirt and toy collaboration between Undercover x Hello Kitty the duo teamed up with Globetrotter to produce this classic looking luggage set. The set comes in two colorways, consistent with the tees and toys, and each come in three sizes. They are only available by order at Isetan.

Check out the suitcases in detail after the jump!

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Frida Kahlo’s Studio by Elsa Mora



I had to share this miniature dollhouse I came across while visiting artisan Elsa Mora‘s blog. On the blog she allows her readers to witness the creativity she produces on a daily basis. Everything she shares—from handmade jewelry to child-like drawings—she illustrates with very beautiful and personal stories.


Elsa made this dollhouse for her daughter because she wanted her to learn about Frida Kahlo. It took her months to complete but now that it’s finished, her daughter Natalie loves it!

See more details of this amazing dollhouse, after the jump!

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