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Above hits Europe

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Above hits Europe

Street artist Above has hit the road again, embarking on what’s sure to be another epic tour of painting, stenciling, and general havoc across Europe. Well known for his social and political stencils, witty word play pieces, and the infamous spinning arrow mobiles (hung in cities across the globe), he’s been kind enough to give us a heads up to what he’s been working on.

Above hits Europe

Above hits Copenhagen, Denmark with The Naked Truth.

Above hits Europe

“The Naked Truth” - a mixture of stencil and proverbial wordplay...

First stop was Copenhagen, Denmark, where Above worked on the site-specific installation titled “The Naked Truth” – a mixture of stencil and proverbial wordplay, along with the physical elements of the shower head and curtain. Taking into account how the piece would interact with the surroundings, Above made a point of tucking it away so the “naked truth is only found by those who look”.

Peep the vid to have a closer look:


Next up, a set of three works – “Ears, Tears and Fears” – in Madrid, Spain. Where better to have a piece featuring a flamenco guitarist and dancer?

Above in Europe

The flamenco dancer is dependant on the sounds of the guitar to tease her ears and make her dance.

Above in Europe

The juggler on the unicycle by Above encourages it's audience to rise above their fears.

The three characters all interact and depend on each other for the piece work. A sombre guitarist plays in the hopes his music will make the woman dance, as Above says, “helping ease his tears”. In turn, the flamenco dancer is dependant on the sounds of the guitar to tease her ears and make her dance. “The relationship and co-dependency of both characters in need of the others interaction to find happiness is sensual and vulnerable.” The final piece with the juggler on the unicycle is a bit trickier, so I’ll leave Above to explain: “I have been searching for over 9 months for such a situation! I finally found what I was looking for. This character and piece completes the Ears, Tears, & Fears word-play.” Interpret that as you wish!

EARS, TEARS, & FEARS. from ABOVE on Vimeo.

I definitely recommend checking out Above’s site – the amount of countries he’s left his mark on is insane, not to mention jealousy-inducing!

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