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Queens Boutique Launches Online Store

Ever been on the search for cool streetwear boutiques that cater to the ladies but end up disappointed realizing most of them hardly carry any cool women products? So there you are drooling over how nice the men products are and so you settle by copping the smallest size they have in hopes you can make it fit? I have and I’ve grown pretty tired of it.

But finally a boutique by the ladies for us ladies has been born and is making its presence known internationally. Appropriately named, Queens boutique is an urban lifestyle store based in Vancouver that is home to cut and sew and screenprinted women’s clothing, standout accessories, and a full-time nail artist for everyone to get their nails did with their shopping. It’s got the same sass and street attitude as menswear but specifically made for all the around the way girls. For months I have been jealous of all these Canadians looking super fly with their newly copped gear and freshly painted nails until today! Owner Rose Raflores has finally launched an online store for us international fans to get our hands on the goods and just in time for the holidays! It’s about time us queens claim our rightful thrones and do so in the right attire. Can I get an amen?!

Twitter: @crownthequeens
Site: www.crownthequeens.com

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LA 9/18: Space15Twenty Yard Sale

In the Courtyard of Space 15 Twenty
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles 90028

Space 15 Twenty‘s monthly Flea Market. The cutest stuff you will find on Sunset and Cahuenga. Across the street from Amoeba’s next to Urban Outfitters and Umami Burger. Featuring vintage clothes, accessories, local designers, music, arts and crafts and more.

Free and Open to the public!

This week’s event is hosted by Kleur and include vendors such as: Sistargirl Jewelry, Mapache Jewelry, Peace Images Jewelry, Red Haute Box Clothing, Beat Swapmeet Records and more.

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The Sun is Shining Beauty Event

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[DEVIL’S PIE] Nujabes Love Tribute

…soul by the slice…

3rd Wednesdays Soul Party

♥FEBRUARY 16, 2011♥

Ft. Special Guests:
(Concise + Just Pudge)

For the shortest month of the year, February holds alot of weight. Home to both Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, and the beginning of the Lunar New Year (most of the time), it’s a month full of love, pain, and new creation. How appropriate, then, that it’s the month that hosts the birth and also, tragically, the death of Japanese producer/dj, Seba Jun aka NUJABES. We celebrate the love that NUJABES spread through his music this month with guest DJs Concise & Just Pudge of VIBES & STUFF RADIO.

with Resident:

& Guest Resident:
DJ ENDO (Beat Swap Meet)

VINYL SALE by: Wax Addict (Beat Swap Meet)

PLUS! Jewelry & Accessory Vending by SISTARGIRL



3408 Verdugo Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 90065


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She’s Crafty: Magnetic Bow Pin

shes crafty

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. We hope you’ve made your dinner reservations and date plans for your special someone or group of friends if you’re celebrating SAD (Single Awareness Day). Either way, M.I.S.S. is here to make sure you do so in style with a magnetic bow perfect to prep up your wardrobe without worrying about getting holes on your shirt (pins tend to do this) or whether or not you know how to tie a bow (even with youtube, this can still be a little tricky). Afterall, Ears on the street is that the prep look is definitely IN!

She's Crafty: Magnetic Bowtie

Materials Needed:
– Fabric (12.5×3.5 inches)
– Batting (9×2.5 inches)
– Glue gun
– Glue sticks
– Scissors
– 2 Magnets (Can also use 1 magnet and a thin metal piece as a backing. Make sure it sticks to the magnet)

She's Crafty: Magnetic bowtie

STEP 1: Lay Fabric flat, wrong side up. Fold your batting in half and put it on top of the fabric.

She's Crafty Magnetic Bow

STEP 2: Using your glue gun, glue both sides of the fabric over the batting.

She's Crafty

STEP 3: Fold and glue the fabric at the 2 inch mark. From the point of where you glued the end, measure another 2 inches and fold and glue the fabric again.

She's Crafty

STEP 4: Using the leftover fabric, wrap it around to create a bow and glue the ends. Cut any excess fabric. Make sure to cinch the middle to create a better shape. And finally, glue a magnet at the back of the bow.

she's crafty

TO WEAR: Using the second magnet, put it in the back of your garment where you plan to place your bow. Get creative! Use it as a pin or a bow for your button up. It’s an easy way to look spiffy and dolled up for your Valentine’s date and all year round. Enjoy!

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