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Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

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Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston has been called “the raddest girl in the game.”

The game? The “blogging-about-music” game….oh, but this isn’t just another music blogger, folks! If she was, we wouldn’t be honoring her as today’s Women Making History, now would we?

With an adventurous attitude and a thirst for discovery, Hannah is absolutely dedicated. Her love for “rad” music, mp3s, interviews, album and show reviews has made her a musical BEAST!

Sheenabeaston.com has quickly become one of NYC’s premier music blogs, giving Hannah the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry, including East Village Radio and the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival. Plus, as of March 4th (yep, today!), she will be contributing to EastVillageRadio.com in a new weekly installment appropriately titled, Belly of the Beast. Not bad for a girl who enjoys the simple pleasures of chocolate milk and The Golden Girls.

Check out Hannah on hosting duty for Authentic Sh*t with Mark Ronson with Ian McCulloch of Echo & The Bunnymen as he performs “Think I Need It Too” on East Village Radio.

Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

A great photo of Lady Rad by Victor Catro of Wet Paint Photography.

Hannah had the opportunity to sit and talk with electroclash queen, Peaches, before her show at NYC’s Terminal 5 on Saturday, November 14, 2009 and if you’re a true fan, this is THE interview to bookmark!

Hannah properly handled the M.I.S.S. survey below:

Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

And she quotes Nietzsche, too! Swoon!

Now let’s get into some Q&A!

Our Senior Video Producer, Gee—aka “the raddest girl in the video game” (yeah, I said it!)—dropped the questions:

M.I.S.S.: What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

Janice Dickinson…never shy to speak what’s on her mind. Little known fact: I was PAINFULLY shy up until 6th grade or so. Literally, I would not speak to people. Then I read J-Dick’s autobiography, and now you can’t shut me up.

M.I.S.S.: How did you get your start?

I always knew I wanted to be in music somehow…ever since the youngest days of singing along to Erasure’s POP! The First 20 Hits with my dad on long car rides. But it took a while to figure out exactly how I fit in. Fast forward to February 2008…one day I was bored at work…and behold, BEASTONIA! I’m just thankful people keep coming back to read my blabbering words.

Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

The Mayor of BEASTONIA!

M.I.S.S.: What has been one of your most memorable interviews to date?

Juliette Lewis. On a whim, I requested to interview her before a show she had at the Fillmore last year. Didn’t get confirmation until a few hours before the scheduled meet-up time, so I had no chance to really get nervous. She’s long been an icon of mine, in terms not only of her acting and musical abilities, but her unashamed individuality. And she loves high fives too…so win!

M.I.S.S.: Who do you want to interview or work more in depth with in the future?

I mean, there are a ton of people I’d kill to chat with: Tina Turner, Bowie, Snoop,  etc…but I’m still working my way up. Can we make this happen? Here’s to hoping!

Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

Don't let the intense look on her face fool you, Hannah is a serial high-fiver!

M.I.S.S.: What part of maintaining a music blog is the most challenging and do you dislike the most?

There’s nothing I hate about what I do. The biggest challenge is holding down a day job too. Like, take this for example: when hot shit hits my inbox, I like to be on top of it and get it posted right away, but sometimes I’m in meetings or on deadline, and can’t get around to it. Then, I forget about it, and by time I circle back, it may have lost its relevancy. Do I hate that I have day job? I wouldn’t go that far…bills gotta get paid somehow.

M.I.S.S.: Any advice for ladies who are just starting out in a career path similar to yours?

Hang in there and stay true to yourself. If you’re starting a site, those initial months are gonna suck.  Don’t try to write what you think people want to hear. I write and speak honestly…often times making up words or descriptors, but people get it and respect it, cause that’s just me. Case in point, when I first started writing the site, I was big into really housey dancey tunes, so it was all the really big roomfiller remixes I would write about. Every comment or email I got from a reader would always inquire if I was a gay dude who wrote the site. Whatever!

Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

If you're ever in NYC and you see a girl dancing her way down the street, it's just might be Hannah...being rad!

M.I.S.S.: Which women in the realm of music do you think are poised to make an impact in 2010?

Laugh it up, but Nicki Minaj is running ish right now! I think the Hole comeback is gonna be huge so long as Courtney keeps her wits about her. I still hold out hope for a Garbage or Shirley Manson revival every day. She is THE last great rock star we’ve had and that we may ever see.

M.I.S.S.: Thanks Hannah!

Women Making History: Hannah Rad aka Sheena Beaston

The "alt" fashionista is known for rockin' safety pins as earrings...a true fashionista is always prepared!

Stay up with Hannah via the links below:

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The Link List: 11.13.09

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The Link List: 11.13.09


“Well round here, between Normandie and Western, we call this here a little twenty twen twen…”

♥♥ If you read my Women Making History interview last week, you’d know that bacon turns me on. Check out this iller than swine flu bacon nail job on The Daily Nail.

♥♥ Would you agree that NBC’s Community is funnier than 30 Rock right now? You gotta watch this amazing DJ Steve Porter (of Slapchop remix fame) Community remix  Tigre Chino.

♥♥ This is one of those things that is so wrong, it’s right. Follow Shit Precious’ Mom Says on Twitter for some non-sequitur gems like “Hello, Pink Dot? Thas right. Bucket of eggrolls and some Vaseline.”

♥♥ And on that topic, do you participate in all those triflin ass twitter trending topics (currently #ARealWife #YouKnowYoureUglyIF)? Apparently, that’s “Black Twitter” The Awl gets into it.

♥♥ Humorous Star Wars Street art compiled on Interbent.

♥♥ Urlesque has discovered that Gwen Stefani and Akon are dog whisperers. Or maybe I should say dog yodelers. Apparently their song “The Sweet Escape” has dogs across the nation singing, as evidenced by YouTube.

♥♥ And perhaps Michael Jackson really was the child whisperer, or had the cure for childhood cancer in his dick. Lookit how into “You Are Not Alone” this toddler gets. Via Videogum.

♥♥ Download these covers: Anya Marina’s cover of T.I.’s “Whatever You Like” heard during the lame Gossip Girl threesome on Sheena Beaston // Jack Johnson’s cover of The White Stripes’ “We’re Going To Be Friends” on Cover Lay Down //Solange’s cover of The Dirty Projectors’ “Stillness Is The Move” on Stereogum.

♥♥ Hypebeast put us on to this so new york handball video by 13th Witness.

♥♥ These ties have a message for you. Sonic Fabric ties are made out of real cassette tape blended with thread. You can actually listen to them. Via Designboom.

♥♥ Walkie talkies that look like the ole cup-n-a-string telephones. Via Designboom.

♥♥ Earlier this week we showed you mustache necklaces. Trendhunter took that to the next level. Lady Stache accessorizing to the max.

♥♥ Plus, Women With Mustaches (no accessories needed.)

♥♥ MeanRed‘s e-mail blasts have put me on to two cool things recently – Soaps that look like classic video game controllers, and the amazing face paint art of James Kuhn.

♥♥ For those of you that like to, or would like to customize your sneakers, but don’t know what kind of paint to use, just get a JGoods kit. Via C’est Lavie.

♥♥ Are safety pins next in line after zippers for a hard trend? Via Blogue.

♥♥ New York Magazine’s The Cut has a video sneak peek of Lady Gaga in her 30-foot long, outer nipple pasty dress on next Monday’s Gossip Girl.

♥♥ Miss Van & Anaoana have a new clothing and accessory line coming out of Barcelona. Watch a video sneak peek of the collaboration on Vimeo.

♥♥ Married To the Mob has coverage of the Ladies Lotto “Behind The Beast” panel from a couple of weeks ago. I spied my afro puff in one of the pics. Fame.

♥♥ I like to check out Fashionista’s Adventures in Copyright from time to time, just to see who’s ripping who off.

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The Link List: 11.1.09

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The Link List: 11.1.09


Twenty five links today, and some of this is late. Let’s just pretend I’m early for next year cuz  I’m a total hallo weenie.

Ladies, Halloween is often an excuse to dress and act like a trollop. We at M.I.S.S. hope you kept it classy.

This is not what black people look like on the inside, they’re solid chocolate skulls cast from real skulls. via Neatorama.

Halloween inspiration taken from the S/S 2010 runways on The New Wave.

It’s definitely too late and not worth your time to do an ill halloween display this year, but bookmark Haunt Project and get a jump on inspiration and plans to make things like eyeball doorbell buzzers for next year.

Still need a costume? Only have access to makeup? Here’s a DIY Sailor Moon Makeup Tutorial via Fashion Indie.

Stand in Vagina Power and manifest your destiny with the HILARIOUS Alexyss Tylor Vagina Power Halloween Edition. This woman is a national treasure and has quotes for days.

Chinese Cat Girl. This is not a halloween costume.

The halloween costume here on Street Carnage of a woman giving birth to herself is simultaneously one of the best and worst things I’ve seen in a  minute.

The lesbian, oft topless, christian rappers Yo Majesty get freaky in their new song and video Freaks Come Out, and I don’t know if I should give this halloween colored hearts or not.

♥♥Downloady: Imogen Heap’s cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller from Sheena Beaston.

♥♥ High Snobiety had the haps on a Mini Cooper Krink customized in Hamburg, Germany.

♥♥Mash Kulture put us on to the Jimmy Choo for H&M video with Tamara Mellon.

♥♥ This dude David Brownings creates kicks entirely out of paper, and they’re pretty fresh. He even made MF Dooms.

♥♥James Franco for Gookie (or is that Gucci?) on Style.com. It’s Funny!

♥♥Why is Eva Mendez so freakin fly? It’s really not fair. Dazed Digital put us on to a video trailer of  her embodying iconic female images in the history of art for a film by Francesco Vezzoli on Eluxury.com.

♥♥Suzie Bubble. Style Beast. She didn’t do em, but you know you can DIY these fringe and feather boa pumps. You know it.

♥♥Hell yeah, Nylon has a DIY for that hot Purply-neutral shade of polish that came down the runway at Chanel Spring 2010, and won’t be out for three months. Beat your friends to it. Like, pummel.

♥♥And Tracie Egan from Jezebel is just about ready to get married and she shows us how she DIY’d her wedding invitations on her blog One D At A Time.

♥♥Kelly and Regis play Rachel Zoe and Rodge on Live. Via Fashionista.

♥♥Black Not Black is a new blog concept. They don’t believe in black and white.

♥♥The dude from Pretty Much Amazing has a new short form Tumblr called Famous Sounding Words. It’s pretty much what  it sounds like, with pictures, and I pretty much like it.

♥♥I hope that by now you know about the hilarious website Regretsy which mocks some of the most rediculous and hideous stuff on Etsy. Something told me to check it earlier this week at like, 3 in the morning, and blaow! an item made by a friend of mine was posted!  Yes, it looks like poo/period, but she also makes very AWESOME reflective leggings, so whatever, I hope she sons them with some sales.

♥♥Whether or not you ever had feelings *down there* about old school WWF wrestlers, you will probably find this picture of Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior on Ignored Prayers amusing.

♥♥Would you put this kooky leg lighting fixture I found on Fashion Week Daily in your house?

And finally, did you hear Andre Agassi did Crystal Meth and wore a weave? on Coco Perez.

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