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Nails Did: Cupcake Nails

Cupcake Nail Tutorial

Cupcake nails have been one of the cutest growing trends this year along with actual cupcakes. This design makes your nails cute and nail biting-worthy (but please don’t)!  I’ve been YouTubing to find the best tutorial to teach me how to do them, and this is what I found!

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Nails Did: Street Cred Don’t Pay My Bills

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Nails Did: Street Cred Don’t Pay My Bills

Swag Nails

Or does it? I don’t know but I love the title so I’m keeping it!

I’ve noticed that “urban culture” really acknowledges the nail game with open arms for the ladies which I love because obviously M.I.S.S. lets me share my nail sets with you 😉

This is my take on my love for “street” and urban culture in which my world revolves around. I used real dollars, spray paint, acrylics, and nail polish of course!  Anything involving money looks good.. especially when it comes to nails. I have yet to see a set of nails with money I did not like :)

What do you guys think of money nails and today’s nail game?

Swag Nails

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Tried & True Review: Blush Nail Lounge, NYC

Nail Design Garden

Nail Design Garden - Blush Nail Lounge in NYC

I work with my hands a lot, so the looks of my nails aren’t usually my top priority, especially with the cost of upkeep. But, I recently took a trip down to Blush Nail Lounge in the East Village of New York City, for a rare pampering and have finally found a manicure worth my money. Read the full story

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Nails Did: The New Frenchie

The new French tip wave is here. I’m tired of seeing the same old French and color tips it’s just plain boring and I think it’s the cheapest look to get, I mean if your doing tips on all fingers that is. The new French tip that I’ve been seeing lately are more elegant and a different approach to your normal day to day frenchie.

Well almond tips and half moon manicures are here! This new look redefines the French manicure and leaves your nails fun modern and natural. Half moon nails have been here since the 80’s but along with many other things it’s back on the come up. Personally I prefer this new half moon trend you can switch it up with different colors to keep it looking fresh. And if you have long nails or artificial nails almond tips are the new route. Your nails automatically look sleeker and sophisticated all with one simple design and shape.

Minx have also been looking to redefine the French with a natural look half moon Gold Lighting sets setting a reverse French manicure effect. Also CND was setting the trend on New York Fashion week runways for Fall 2011 when most designers opted for the almond French look. So look out for this at your local salon or do it yourself!

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Nails Did: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Sally Hansen has really stepped up their game lately they are no longer your average supermarket nail brand. Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects are the newest accessory to your nails bringing you a whole ‘nother aspect to the nail biz. The strips wear like polish because it is real nail polish! These nail stickers give you up to a 10-day manicure free from chipping and fading. With Salon Effects application is simple it gives you instant graphics and nail design right on to your finger tips, Beats having to draw on cheetah print on nails when you’re not an “artist”. Bold colors, glitter, and fashionable prints is what you’ll inside the box.

Manicure to come soon. I went to the store and they were all sold out, Crazy so get yours now they retail for 8.99 so get your colors while you can or at least where you can find them :)

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