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INSA Drops Their 2009 Collection!

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INSA Drops Their 2009 Collection!

INSA Heels 2009 Collection!

INSA Heels 2009 Collection!

We’re big fans of INSA footwear here at M.I.S.S., so you know we had to show the brand some love with their latest installation. Pre-orders have already sold out – the shoes are HOT, to say the least! – but we still wanna give you a heads up on what’s to come so you’re ready to pounce if INSA re-stocks this foot candy.(Longtime M.I.S.S. readers will recall the editorial we did back in ’08 with the brand – Le Retifisme d’Insa – and past collections we’ve covered, including INSA’s collab with sneaker heavyweight Nike.)

For those of you who aren’t so familiar with INSA, the London-based brand is a joint venture between artist Insa and shoe designer Ruth Shaw. Insa started out as an artist/designer with a graffiti background, who now shows his work at galleries around the world. Shaw graduated from Cordwainers College a decade ago and has been designing shoes ever since. The fab footwear comes to us as an effort between the two to combat mass-produced footwear using bright graphics and luxurious materials crafted by Italian craftsmen (not a bad way to fight against mainstream fashion – where do we sign up?).

The duo’s latest collection consists of three deliciously designed pieces: The Stand Alone (a heel with its own heel), The Miami (a platform stiletto) and The Throwette (an ankle boot). Each of these pieces are unique in their own way. At the bottom of the Stand Alone’s heel, you’ll find a mini shoe – a unique and surprising detail, nothing short of intriguing. The warm hues of The Miami conjures images of the hard-partying city the shoe is named for, while The Throwette marries Victorian influences with modern details (we can’t get enough of the bright pink and platform!). INSA shoes never fail to make our jaws drop, and this round is no different!

INSA's Throwette ankle boot

INSA's Throwette ankle boot

For more info about purchasing INSA shoes, check out details from INSA’s Web site – and make sure you bookmark the site so you can stay up-to-date with the brand! We’d hate to hafta say “we told you so” when the next collection sells out before you can scoop up a pair…

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M.I.S.S. Get’s Intimate with Mr. INSA

With INSA‘s recent release of the INSA-Heels we had the chance to catch-up with him and chat about all things heels. From his initial interest in heels to confirming it is actually a fetish or not we dig deep and get intimate with Mr. INSA. See our original editorial spread of the INSA-Heels here.

Custom heels from Insa’s first solo exhibit in 2005 ‘Insa’s Graffiti Fetish’

When did your fascination with women’s heels begin?

Well I started painting heels about 5years ago. It began when I noticed I could spell my name in the shapes of high heels! After a bit I started to just focus on the heel itself as I realized what a power symbol it is.

Insa gets up: INSA-Heel poster in Nottingham

What is it about heels that inspires you?

So much about heels inspires me- the shape of the object itself, the effect it has on a woman’s posture. The fact they represent so much to many different kinds of people- money, power, sex, fashion, the battle between male and female sexuality, dominance and submission, fetishism, consumer obsession.

Read the full interview after the jump! Read the full story

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Le Rétifisme d’Insa

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Le Rétifisme d’Insa

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