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Nails Did: Minx Money Professional

Nails Did: Minx Money Professional

My minx manicure says about me….

Look like money without having money. With minx nail coverings I can get that money on nail effect without damaging the pockets or my nails. So I thought yes! I don’t have to use real money and I can keep it hood but not too hood look on my nails. What I’ve always been wanting, and literally all the salons in my area will not do this design because they say its illegal. I’m not sure if that’s the case but I’ve asked, I’ve tried, And I’ve failed. Minx money is a great alternative than having to cut out dollars bills and putting tons of clear coat over to try to make it stay when I can do it all in one step with minx. I tried the manicure out and made minx happen.

-snaps fingers-

The manicure was fast and not messy at all. One of the perks of using minx is not having to use harsh chemicals like acetone on your natural nails. It usually lasts up to 2 weeks but be careful of puckering edges I would use a blow dryer at home to smooth them out. And while minx is not for the shy they do have other colors that best suit your attitude for the day.

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