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Shades of Grey: Don’t Cover-Up Those Grey…Nails

Earlier this year I set out to find the perfect FLAT grey nail polish. Was it really that hard? Was I really asking for too much? Apparently, at the time, yes. It was that hard and I was asking too much. It only made perfect sense. Nail polish trends in recent years have gone from black to white…With companies like Chanel causing a wait-list frenzy for their version of black polish. Um, I hear White ‘n Wild makes a black polish, ya’ll! Anyways, I digress, that’s old news. Imagine the killing and frenzy Karl would have made had he introduced grey polish, not that he’s hurting but it’s something I would have expected from the house of Chanel. So I said, “FINE!” to the nail supply industry and decided to make my own. And I did. And the people freaked out.

Learn how to make your own and if your not so D.I.Y. inclined, find where you can FINALLY (it’s taken a couple of months for the nail polish industry to catch-up) get your shade of grey after the jump!

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