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Kiehl’s Since 1851: Original Musk Blend Body Lotion

About two weeks ago, I was on a shopping whirlwind and right when I thought I was ready to hop on the train home, I remembered one last thing I truly needed…


Not just any lip balm either but the one lip balm that has never let me down – Kiehl’s Since 1851 Lip Balm #1. I usually go with the scented and my favorite is coconut. Unfortunately, coconut was sold out so I went with pear this time around. It’s a nice juicy, sweet scent. As I was ready to check out at the boutique’s register, I was told that it was Friends/Family 20% sale weekend. I couldn’t just go out with just one little lip balm tube. Well, the sensible side of me would have just walked out with my one tube or a second backup lip balm tube. But no, I was feeling quite saucy that day…I wanted to pick something up that I normally wouldn’t at Kiehl’s.

I am a fan of some of their skincare as well as of their beloved fan favorite, Creme de Corps body lotion. Yet,I wanted something a little different. I am a fan of their Original Musk scent but I didn’t want to invest in a full sized bottle at the moment so I went with the next best thing:

Original Musk Body Lotion:

Kiehls musk lotion

 $22/USD for 8.4 oz – body lotion; $9/USD 0.5 fl. oz – scented lip balm/$7 USD 0.5 fl. oz – unscented

I am really pleased with the musk lotion – it absorbs into the skin easily and leaves it soft. This musk is a very clean yet animalistic scent – if that makes any sense. There’s also a very soft white floral element to it. When first applied it’s pretty strong but not as strong as other commercial fragrance lotions. The scent softens and becomes quiet within minutes. This is the type of musk that wears close to the skin; you have to be within close quarters to smell or have someone smell it on you. It leaves a beautiful, powdery, clean scent on the skin that’s very sensual. This is the cotton t-shirt and denim of musks.

Some musk fans prefer musk in the Fall or Winter. Personally, I prefer it year round any time of the day. This is a great alternative to wearing full on fragrance on the weekends running errands or meeting for play dates at the park or museum. The day after wearing this lotion I wore an unscented lotion but I could have sworn I could smell a light trace of this musk – it lightly scented the jeans I was wearing while using the musk lotion – a pleasant surprise.

If the thought of musk frightens you, then you need to try this lotion before you write off this fragrance note entirely. Also, I love the little story line on the front of the label, “…created in the 1920’s..discovered in a vat labeled, ‘Love Oil’ in the late 50’s….” Which is a little misleading because when I think “Love Oil” I automatically think of something a little dirtier, and this is the complete opposite of that.

Notes:  Orange blossoms/bergamont/lily/neroli/ylang-ylang/rose/tonka beans/musk/patchouli.

This was purchased by yours truly at the Kiehl’s Since 1851 boutique at the SF Centre, SF.

For more info, visit the Kiehls website.

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Make a Whish…Whish Product Review

Just a week and a half ago, I attended a Nordstrom Beauty Happy Hour that was two days before their annual Summer Trend Show. There was a myriad of beauty, skincare and fragrance from MAC, Lancome, a Nordstrom exclusive Chanel skin collection, Kate Somerville, Bond No. 9, etc…

And this special body care  line…Whish

Amy whish final

Meet co-creator Aimee Werner.

Whish was created by husband and wife team – Jesse and Aimee Werner. One day, Aimee found herself without any shave cream so she decided to borrow Jesse’s shave cream. Since Jesse had sensitive skin, he searched long and hard for products that made shaving bearable – a European shave cream that didn’t have harsh drying chemical foam.  Aimee fell in love with just how smooth his shave cream left her legs, however she wasn’t crazy about the masculine scent.

Being the awesome husband, Jesse set out to develop a shave cream for women. He built a solid team: brilliant chemist, top chemist laboratory and a top manufacturer of women’s body care and cosmetics products. After countless test creams, Whish and Shave Crave was finally born.

With the success of Shave Crave, Aimee soon craved for body care products that would leave the rest of her body as soft as her legs after using the Shave Crave. A body wash, body butter and body scrub soon followed. These aren’t your average run of the mill body products but soothing products that are organic and incorporate rice bran oil, shea butter, raspberry butter, aloe, organic seaweed and marigold that leave the skin buttery soft and deliciously scented.

My favorite product is the body scrub and what I love about this scrub versus other popular name brand scrubs is that it’s more like a paste and is not oily at all. I have tried the popular body scrub and I almost slipped in the tub because it dripped on the surface. Also, it’s not abrasive at all as other scrubs have the tendency to be – it absorbs nicely on the skin and rinses off easily.

Featured ingredients are bamboo powder, raspberry seeds, brown sugar and organic sugar cane.  When combined they create a fantastic, natural and moisturizing scrub.

The Three Wishes Body Butter is also a fantastic product. This contains organic aloe, organic shea butter and organic raspberry butter for moisturizing benefits. Organic seaweed extract is added for firming properties and organic rice bran oil to purify the skin. Aimee treated me with a mini hand massage with the Pomegranate scented body butter. It was a real treat, not only did she relax me but my hands weren’t greasy yet buttery soft the rest of the night. I did try a sample given to me after using the body scrub in the shower and my skin was smooth throughout a five hour plane ride.

I am really pleased with this line and I can’t wait to buy full sized bottles of the body butter, body scrub and body wash. Aimee assured me that because of the natural, organic properties of their products that I could even use the body wash and butter on my 4-year old daughter. I did apply some of the Blueberry Body Butter on her because she said it smelled like fruit snacks on me. She couldn’t stop smelling her arms after I rubbed some on her forearms. This didn’t irritate her skin or my super sensitive skin either.

Fragrances to choose from: Pomegranate, Blueberry, Lemongrass, Lavender, Almond and Coconut.

Whish final

Product Price Range – $8/USD – $48/USD

For extensive ingredient listings and to purchase online visit The Whish website. Whish products can also be found at selective Nordstrom Spa locations.

Samples were made for me on the spot at the Whish product table.

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Product Review: MAC All About Orange

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One of MAC’s capsule collection this summer highlights Asia’s number one trending shade: orange. This color used to worry me. I used to think the only option available was police tape orange. After making peace with this hue, I made it my friend and that said – I ran to my nearest MAC counter when this collection debuted.

This collection consists of a smoky grey shadow quartet palette ($40/USD), blushes ($21/USD), lipsticks ($15/USD), cremesheen glosses ($20/USD) and nail polishes ($16/USD).

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I went with just two items – just because I tend to get overwhelmed pretty easily and I couldn’t afford more than two items – Royal Sunset blush and Tart & Trendy lipstick (lustre):


I know lighting can be very misleading and it is here – Royal Sunset is actually lighter in person and has more of a pinky hue to it. Nonetheless, it’s a very flattering light cool pink-peach. And Tart & Trendy, a bright neutral orange cream is a lot lighter in the daylight.

Here it is swatched:


I honestly thought this blush was going to be too light to even be seen. Yes it is soft but it does give me a nice soft touch of color. It’s perfect for toning down very smoky eyes, really bright/dark lips and it”s great on the go while I’m out on chauffeuring my daughter around to her dance and karate lessons on Saturdays. I am surprised that I get about a good four hours of wear time with this blush. When I wear this at the office, I reapply after my lunchtime boot camp classes, then again I have to reapply everything after boot camp classes.

Tart & Trendy lipstick however, is one I’m still trying to get the hang of. Because it’s a lustre finish it has lots of slip and pigment power varies. This one goes on pretty sheer. But when layered over my dark pink brown lips, it leaves a nice soft peachy, coral stain. Unfortunately, this lasts barely two hours on me so I will have the tendency to reapply. This causes my lips to dry out and peel. I can’t wear most of these lustre finish lipsticks on back to back days.


Because these shades are soft, emphasis should be focused on the eyes with the smoky palette or in my case, a thick black liquid liner. I am very pleased with my choices and unfortunately since these shades are limited edition, they are currently sold out. Also, these shades accentuate my vacation tan pretty nicely!

The nail polish shades are still available, which is awesome because I’m eyeing Fiestaware  (I am pretty sure that’s what the model is wearing in the ad picture).

Have you purchased anything from the All About Orange collection? Thoughts? Please share…

Items featured were purchased by yours truly.

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Nails Did: Tink by Nicole by OPI

Tink by Nicole by OPI

Everyone’s favorite fairy has moved on up from her days of buzzing in Peter Pan’s ear and running rampant in Never Never Land. Tinkerbell’s style, personality, and pixie dust has been translated into a six shade lacquer collection by Nicole by OPI. Included in the collection is a glitter gloss and vivid shades of tangerine, coral, fuchsia, pink and lime green.

The limited-edition collection will be available July 1 for $7.99 at select Walgreens locations.

Image Layout: C_Rocka

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Nails Did: Neon Revolution by OPI

OPI Neon Revolution

It’s official. Nineties and neon are now trending for spring/summer 2013. Shocking hues are back and what better way to incorporate them into your wardrobe than by getting ‘ya nails did?! OPI gets a jump start on the neon nail trend for the year with the release of its Neon Revolution mini set. The 6-piece set features 4 fluorescent lacquers, a white base coat and a top coat for a high-gloss finish.

The limited-edition sets are slated to hit stores in July and will retail for $19.99.

Image Layout: C_Rocka

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