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Sophia Loren. M.I.A. The first needs no explanation. As a child of the ’79 Persian revolution, born and raised in Italy, it was easy to draw inspiration from an icon who personified class and power, making it desirable to be a woman with a voice. In a house where the sewing machine had its own seat at the kitchen table, Yasmin knew, at a young age, that fashion was part of her future. The vision became even clearer when she moved to the States and was quickly introduced to the world of Hip-Hop, which revolutionized not only her perspective on fashion, but life and politics as well. Hip-Hop’s bold colors and raw attitudes brought an unexpected edge to her style and further influenced her belief that fashion was both accessible and individual. Enter M.I.A. She might not be Sophia Loren, but these two women are a constant source of inspiration, combining both style and a freedom to be who you are. With a degree in Merchandise Marketing, Yasmin hopes to bring such character and substance to the ever-changing world of fashion. http://stylestruckblog.com/


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