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Ask anyone what they think Skim’s best traits are and they will chuckle…for a very long time. Afterwards, they’ll tell you that she is like no one else. She’s a half Korean, half Scotch-Irish Southern young woman with a loud, scream-like laugh who knows her bourbon and hog, and can cook her ass off. Growing up in Virginia with a non-culinary mother and a “burning noodles” twin sister, Skim found solace in the kitchen, even in grade school. She was up early to catch “The Incredible Hulk” and “Dukes of Hazard”, cooking breakfast before anyone had joined her in Saturday morning cartoons. There were spikes of interest in painting, drawing, singing, swimming, gymnastics, and wearing anything, all at once, regardless of season, color, or style. Fast forward to college, a full ride to play volleyball, a broken back and then a new plan. Next came designing clothes and producing fashion shows with her sister for their own line in Richmond, VA. Finally, she moved to New York to pursue her passion and college major, Art Direction in Advertising. After a short detour as a Marketing Director in fashion, she decided to really commit to advertising. Skim wasn’t happy, rewarded, or satisfied in the corporate, yes-man, environment that is advertising. And when people hit rock bottom like this, they turn to drugs. And food is Skim’s drug. At first, her friends confronted her and she reacted with denial. Eventually, she listened to their concerns and sought help. Skimkim has been her savior. Skim has turned her addiction into a cultural food phenomenon.


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