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Rachel T.
Rachel Tran is a 20 year old chick who loves to write, spell check, and to hoard clothes/sneakers/toys/doorknocker earrings; basically anything she can get her hands on! Since February ’09, she's been a super-duper proud writer for the ladies of M.I.S.S. representing London Town: M.I.S.S.'s very first Londoner in the house!! Rachel avidly read blogs, online magazines and Jodi Picoult books and hates tomatoes, cucumbers and horror movies (too scary)! Come July ’09 she will have my BA Honours in Journalism, Communication and Media Studies, so watch this space – she's gonna be coming for your jobs ladies! If you like her stuff and can’t get enough of Rachel on M.I.S.S., check her blog at www.leopardprintandlace.blogspot.com!


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