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Michelle is a relatively normal girl just trying to do her thing like everybody else. She's fascinated by the artistic mediums of style and fashion, culture and writing; through which, her goal is to creatively help people enjoy beautiful and healthy lifestyles. She feel inner beauty, outer beauty, self-esteem, and self confidence are all very tightly and complexly interwoven, and play a critical role in the well being of women today, and for M.I.S.S., she writes a weekly beauty blog called M.I.S.S. Michelle’s Beauty Picks and Tips of the Week. The beauty blog is intended to assist women in their beauty options and purchases as there are such an overwhelming amount of competitive products in the cosmetics market. Her reviews are based on her personal experiences with each product, and she carefully considers all the following when she make her assessments: Quality, value, accessibility, and pricing. She likes to use a variety of products ranging in price point and accessibility, for she thinks beauty is attainable at all income levels, and bearing in mind the troubled state of our economy, she recently started to integrate RECESSION BUSTER Tips and Picks to represent the more discerning consumer akin to herself. She particularly likes the research involved in her D.I.Y. Beauty Tips, cause if you can make it yourself and make it naturally, AND for less money, you definitely should give it a go, plus it's fun. Michelle loves all aspects of fashion and media, and has been involved in magazine publishing for the past five years, getting her start as an intern at Surface and Intersection magazines. She's also worked in fashion design and marketing, with clients like Chanel and Jurlique as well.


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