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Katie M
Katie – 25, poor student studying Creative Writing and Fashion, more often than not scraping by on 2-minute noodles and cask wine. Hailing from sunny Brisbane, Australia she works part time…in a retirement village. These oldies are some of the funniest people she's met and the ladies love wearing animal print so they’re fine by her! She's not the girliest of girls, so she's usually hanging out in jeans and printed singlets, but she's trying her hardest to start busting out the heels more often. She loves writing, mags (long live print media!), going to gigs (hip hop and rock), giraffes, ebay, coming up with new ways to paint my nails, anything animal print, bamboo hoops, any Creative Recreation Gallo Hi, hot breakfasts, anything choc mint, fine dining (when she can afford it!), vodka, red wine, espresso martinis (yet she doesn’t drink coffee), blue cheese, Japanese food, Mexican food, Korean food – hey, she likes food. She doesn’t like flying and elevators make her nervous. She has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up...all she knows is that it’s far too early for her to be settling down and buying houses or popping out kids. She figures she’ll work it out someday.


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