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Kirsten Incorvaia is the best person you will ever meet. FYI: Kirsten isn't writing this bio. Whew, right?! because if she were, the previous exclamation would just be tacky. She loves art, fine food, texting, whiskey, writing, Spanish and her pet bird. The only place you'll find her living are fabulously cool cities: Barcelona, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara are among her nesting grounds. Lately she calls the apartment she shares with her filmmaker boyfriend and their lovechild (an adorable budgie that doesn't take shit from anyone), in the Tenderloin of San Francisco, her home. When not riding horseback in the city, growing foxgloves on her fire escape and baking cakes for the neighborhood children, Kirsten manages the blog for a reputable street art gallery, where her experience writing for Juxtapoz and The Citrus Report has given her keen insight into the world of urban art.


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