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Cheech Sanchez
Cheech Sanchez is not an active participant in Lucha Libre, but she does enjoy wrestling with big ideas. Cheech, AKA Chirryl-Lee Ryan, was born in a small Australian town you've probably never heard of. As a child, everyone said she had a big imagination. And as it turns out, she does. Somehow, Cheech managed to combine that big imagination with her passions for graffiti, streetwear and design, and wound up with a career. Cheech is (amongst other things) a Stylist, Art Director, Writer, Photographer, Designer, Student, 3rd person bio whiz and would-be Comedian. Although she considers herself a native Sydney-sider, Cheech currently resides in Melbourne where she spends half her days musing over architectural wonders, the other half coming up with ridiculously awesome ideas and most nights working the graveyard shift to pay for it all. Someday when she grows up, she'd like to be a design superstar with a household name.


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