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Born and raised in the Dirty South, Anastasia, or Ana B as she is know on the Internets, is an 80’s baby that has a hard time admitting that the 80s refers to the 1980s. She never knows exactly what to say in bios, so Ana has prepared 5 facts for you that are better than any bio she could come up with….5. She’s listening to Bat for Lashes as she writes this. 4. She manages her own blog, SeeingPinkElephants.com, which was founded in 2008 on the Ides of March. 3. To pay her bills she writes about fashion, freelances as a wardrobe stylist and fashion PR girl; as a result she has become very lazy about dressing herself every morning. 2. She takes her lattes with soy because, although she’s not lactose intolerant, milk makes her queasy. 1. Anastasia has Gypsy fortune telling skills that she picked up from Sundays spent in the French Quarter in New Orleans.


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