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Alex Floro
Alex Floro (MamaGoose if you're nasty) is a self-proclaimed "freelancer", getting most of her salad days by dabbling in a range of projects surrounding fashion, music, and blogging. She has a soft spot for all things Bay Area, her home for most of her life. A current student at the University of San Diego, she is majoring (for now) in Communications, with a minor in Art History. Quite the nostalgic, she is forever rummaging through thrift store racks, amassing a collection of vinyl and vintage gear. Along with contributing to M.I.S.S, she is currently an intern for both Miss Wax Jewelry and The Mint Collective, as well as a student DJ at the University of San Diego Student Radio. Catch up with classic artists with her column Reminisce with M.I.S.S.


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