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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Let’s Date Helps You Find Love From Your Phone

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Looking for a boo to spend the fall and winter with? Let’s Date could help make that happen.

The end of summer is officially upon us.  Now it’s cuffing season, that time of the year when the temperatures drop and you need someone to keep you warm.  What’s a single lady to do?  Roll up to the club with your freakum dress on? Dress up like Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi and hit up your local comic  book convention?  Put on your Easter whites and go to church?  Sure, you could do any of the above and land yourself a fine catch, but there’s an easier way to meet guys these days: Let’s Date, an iPhone app that hopes to match you with your future boo.

Let’s Date pulls relevant information from your Facebook profile (including your photo) and asks you some important questions like what’s your diet and sexual preferences (kinky).  After that, the service creates a dating card (read profile) and you’re free to go on the hunt for a potential love connection.  See someone repulsive, and you can tap “No Thanks” to keep things moving.  Or you can use your finger to eliminate those who wouldn’t make a good match by swiping a line across parts of their profile that make your stomach churn (who lights their own farts on fire?).  Keep crossing out qualities and photos you despise, and Let’s Date will present you with dating cards that better match what you’re looking for.

What happens when you finally find that dating card you’ve been looking for, anyway?  You tap “Let’s Date”, and the lucky guy in question gets a notification that someone picked him.  Your dating card will appear toward the front of his stack, and if he also likes what he sees he can hit “Let’s Date” and the two of you can start messaging each other.  The app will also suggest a public place for you to meet for your first date and nudge him to ask you out.  Assuming you go out with him, when your date’s over the app will ask you a series of questions to see how the date went and whether the guy is a good fit for other ladies should the two of you be incompatible.

Let’s Date is available now free from the iTunes App Store.  Sorry Android users.  You’ll have to continue looking for dates the hard way.

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