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Kiehl’s Since 1851: Original Musk Blend Body Lotion

About two weeks ago, I was on a shopping whirlwind and right when I thought I was ready to hop on the train home, I remembered one last thing I truly needed…


Not just any lip balm either but the one lip balm that has never let me down – Kiehl’s Since 1851 Lip Balm #1. I usually go with the scented and my favorite is coconut. Unfortunately, coconut was sold out so I went with pear this time around. It’s a nice juicy, sweet scent. As I was ready to check out at the boutique’s register, I was told that it was Friends/Family 20% sale weekend. I couldn’t just go out with just one little lip balm tube. Well, the sensible side of me would have just walked out with my one tube or a second backup lip balm tube. But no, I was feeling quite saucy that day…I wanted to pick something up that I normally wouldn’t at Kiehl’s.

I am a fan of some of their skincare as well as of their beloved fan favorite, Creme de Corps body lotion. Yet,I wanted something a little different. I am a fan of their Original Musk scent but I didn’t want to invest in a full sized bottle at the moment so I went with the next best thing:

Original Musk Body Lotion:

Kiehls musk lotion

 $22/USD for 8.4 oz – body lotion; $9/USD 0.5 fl. oz – scented lip balm/$7 USD 0.5 fl. oz – unscented

I am really pleased with the musk lotion – it absorbs into the skin easily and leaves it soft. This musk is a very clean yet animalistic scent – if that makes any sense. There’s also a very soft white floral element to it. When first applied it’s pretty strong but not as strong as other commercial fragrance lotions. The scent softens and becomes quiet within minutes. This is the type of musk that wears close to the skin; you have to be within close quarters to smell or have someone smell it on you. It leaves a beautiful, powdery, clean scent on the skin that’s very sensual. This is the cotton t-shirt and denim of musks.

Some musk fans prefer musk in the Fall or Winter. Personally, I prefer it year round any time of the day. This is a great alternative to wearing full on fragrance on the weekends running errands or meeting for play dates at the park or museum. The day after wearing this lotion I wore an unscented lotion but I could have sworn I could smell a light trace of this musk – it lightly scented the jeans I was wearing while using the musk lotion – a pleasant surprise.

If the thought of musk frightens you, then you need to try this lotion before you write off this fragrance note entirely. Also, I love the little story line on the front of the label, “…created in the 1920’s..discovered in a vat labeled, ‘Love Oil’ in the late 50’s….” Which is a little misleading because when I think “Love Oil” I automatically think of something a little dirtier, and this is the complete opposite of that.

Notes:  Orange blossoms/bergamont/lily/neroli/ylang-ylang/rose/tonka beans/musk/patchouli.

This was purchased by yours truly at the Kiehl’s Since 1851 boutique at the SF Centre, SF.

For more info, visit the Kiehls website.

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