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She’s Got Sole: Stance Socks

She's Got Sole: Stance Socks

Necklaces have earrings. Blazers have slacks. Karl Lagerfeld has Choupette. In the fashion world, all things great have a mate (Hey! That rhymes!). Usually sneakers are partnered with a creative pair of laces. For those of us who are past the days of Bow Biters a nice pair of socks is enough to spunk up a sneaker look. Orange County, Ca. brand Stance is a brand we just caught wind of, but their sock designs are freaking epic!

The company’s tootsie toasters come in every design imaginable. Whether you’re keeping work appropriate with solids and stripes or are feeling frisky with animal prints and tribal Stance has gotcha covered. Socks begin at $10 and can be purchased from the Stance online store.

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