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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Wake Alarm

wake alarm app

Rise and grind

Unless you’re a morning person, when your alarm goes off at 7am your first instinct is probably to hit the snooze button.  Again…and again…and again…until you finally wake up an hour later wondering why your alarm didn’t go off.  Luckily there’s an app for that particular problem: Wake Alarm.

Wake Alarm is an alarm clock app that requires you to get a bit more physical with your phone before you can silence it.  Just how physical you have to get depends on what alarm setting you choose.  If you’re a light sleeper, you can choose a setting where a simple tap of the phone will shut off the alarm.  Not so light sleepers might find themselves having to turn the phone over on its screen to quiet it.  Those who would have no problem sleeping through an elephant stampede can set the alarm so that it requires a vigorous shaking before it pipes down.  There’s a total of eight repeatable alarms and 12 built-in alarm sounds.

Wake Alarm can be downloaded from  the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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