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My Summer Jams – Lip Colors That Is

Back in the day, okay back in MY day you’d hear that particular summer song – you’d stop what you were doing and yell out, “That’s my jam!” All of the sudden that cloudy grey day (here in the Bay Area) suddenly turned 70 degrees with the rest of city and you were all smiles. You wanted to cut class jump in your best friend’s beat up VW bug (or you boyfriend’s – don’t tell mom) to head out into the summer sun and just play. My summertime jam was and will always be Summertime, by D.J. Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince.

This was back in 1991, yet this song will always be my ultimate summer jam and Will Smith will always be The Fresh Prince to me!

I may not have found a replacement summer jam song but I think I have stumbled upon my the summer jams of my cosmetic bag:


Too Faced Sweet Sunshine Lip Gloss in Papaya Slushie and Revlon’s Lip Butters in Sorbet.


A quick note – these were swatched with a heavier hand to really show the colors. The colors are more sheer once applied on the lip without the aid of lip liners or lipstick.

Here’s Papaya Slushie:


Although it’s sheer enough to show the discoloration on my lips, I love the subtle tangerine shade. Also, the fine pink glitter gives me a touch of bling. My lips are on the dark side of pink pigmentation so sometimes it’s hard for shimmers to show through. The glitter in this gloss is pretty subtle but it doesn’t look cheesy – I really love this gloss!

Here it is on top of another favorite coral lipstick, Too Faced La Creme Color DrenchLip Cream – Coral Fire:


These combined give me a more polished look. It’s a creamy peachy coral. I would wear this with thick black eye liner, lots of mascara and a touch of peach blush to the office.

I’ve been wearing this gloss almost daily. It’s really easy to wear, it’s really light weight on the lips, it has a slanted doe foot applicator (my favorite) and it smells like a vacation. It’s not a typical floral, coconut, suntan lotion scent but more like a light coconut daiquiri cocktail scent. This should come with a drink umbrella. Unfortunately, since it is pretty light I get about 2 hours of wear time. The good news is that it leaves a nice light orange stain when it’s time for me to reapply.

Too Faced Sweet Sun Shines Lip Gloss – $16/USD

It also comes in two other shades:

Watermelon Ice (pink) and Mocha Freeze (bronze – right up my alley!)

I purchased this at my local Ulta.

Revlon’s Lip Butter, Sorbet (bright pink):


What can I say but this is a really happy pink on me! If cotton candy was a popsicle, this is the shade that would stain my lips. I love the lip butter line because the colors are buildable, it leaves a wonderful stain and it’s soothing like a lip balm. I never have dry lip issues when using this product. Why don’t I own more colors? I ask myself that question everyday. This really solidified my love of Revlon lip products. Well, I shouldn’t speak too soon since I haven’t tried their entire lip  collection…yet.

This one lasts just a bit longer on me because of the pigment content. It also applies easily and is lightweight on the lips. These lipsticks are fragrance-free and that’s not a deal breaker for me. Revlon rolled out four new shades of lip butters for their Summer collection – Sorbet, Wild Watermelon (reddish-pink), Pink Lemonade (sheer neutral pink) and Juicy Papaya (coral).

Revlon Lip Butters – varies on price; depends on where you buy it. I purchased mine at my local Target for $6.49/USD.

Including these new four shades, there are 21 colors to choose from.

I got my gloss and lipstick, Summertime on my Spotify and now I just need to pick the best day to take a “sick” day from work…”cough…cough”

It was also Mother’s Day. I hope you had a chance to spend time with your mothers. This is the one day where you can extend that dreaded weekly call for just an extra five minutes – she deserves that much if not more! I was treated by my husband and daughter with brunch that involved a super spicy bloody mary and a plate of chicken and waffles followed with the rest of the afternoon at the Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park. Dinner was burritos from our favorite burrito spot, Papalote. My SF Giants won today and Golden State Warriors triumphantly made a comeback in overtime to tie up the series. It was a great day indeed!

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