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MISS Techcessories: The Samsung Galaxy Note II & Galaxy Camera

samsung galaxy note 2 and galaxy camera

Earlier this year Samsung invited me to the Samsung Galaxy Studios to try out some of their new products and I was delighted to check out the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Galaxy Camera. I was sent review copies of each and I haven’t been able to get much work done because I just want to play all day on these devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note II

Back when the first Galaxy Note dropped our tech writer Ron Simms wrote a review and based on his comments I couldn’t wait to try the second version out.  The Galaxy Note II is a pretty amazing device that allows you to consolidate your gadgets.  It’s a “Phablet” – that is a phone and a tablet – all in one.  A little bit larger than your average smart phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II give you all of the convenience of your phone with the comfort of using a tablet.

samsung galaxy note II

My favorite feature of the phone is the stylus and writing capability.  Though I have my share of gadgets to keep track of things for me, at the end of the day I love making lists and taking note – on paper – with a pen.  I know, that’s so last century of me.  The great thing about the Galaxy Note II is that you can get your writing fix without having to carry around a pen and notebook.  In fact, you can full on sketch, doodle and create impressive illustrations on the Galaxy Note II.  If you are having a hard time giving up your pen and paper then the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the perfect tool for you.  Not only are consolidating your technology but you can consolidate half the stuff taking up room in your bag!

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Where do I start with the Samsung Galaxy Camera.  How about here:  I LOVE THIS CAMERA.  This camera is no joke.  In much the same way that the Samsung Galaxy Note II consolidates gadgets the camera does the same.  This camera not only takes amazing pictures, it does everything a smart phone does with the exception of making phone calls.  The Samsung Galaxy Camera I tested was a carrier-based camera equipped with 4G so I could snap a picture at the Farmer’s Market and immediately upload it to Instagram – right in the middle of the street!

The Samsung Galaxy Camera comes with automatic and manual settings – and then there are “smart” settings.  The automatic settings come equipped with filters that you can add to your photos and it doubles as a video camera as well!  The manual settings are the coolest I’ve seen on a digital camera.  When you select the Expert setting it allows you to control the Aperture and Shutter speed manually – but the interface looks like a lens so for all you cameraphiles you still get the feel of a traditional camera.

samsung galaxy camera

The most impressive by far the the “Smart” Settings.  These settings allow you to take particular kinds of photos and feature modes like Rich Tone (three photos to choose from under-, over- and properly exposed), Panorama (sweep to take a wide angle photo), Waterall (intenionally blur the flow of water) and Sunset just to name a few.  One of my favorites is “Best Face” – you know when you take a group photo and it’s hard to get everyone to look normal at once?  Well with Best Face the camera takes five shots consecutively and you pick your favorite face from each photo for your final photo.  Amazing.  Another favorite is “Best Photo” and is an essential tool for anyone trying to photograph a child (you mama’s out there know what I’m talking about).  Best Photo takes a eight photos in a few seconds and you choose the favorite from the bunch.

Not only is the Samsung Galaxy Camera an amazing tool, it looks awesome.  Every single time I have whipped out this camera people flock around me to see what it is.  It never fails to inspire oohs and ahhhs if you’re into that sort of thing.  I love this camera so much and I haven’t had the chance to touch the surface of what it could do.

Here are some photos I took with the Galaxy Camera – no filters or Photoshop!

samsung galaxy camera samsung galaxy camera samsung galaxy camera samsung galaxy camera

You can learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Samsung Galaxy Camera on the Samsung Galaxy website.

And don’t forget, the Samsung Galaxy 4 just released so you can upgrade your phone too if you don’t want the “phabulousness” of a “phablet”.


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