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Exhibit: Amy Winehouse – A Family Portrait

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One of my favorite artists is Amy Winehouse. I’ve been surprised at how little has been done to remember her but her family has agreed to help put together an exhibit at the Jewish Museum in London. Curated by her brother Alex Winehouse and his wife Riva, “Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait” will show unseen images of Amy Winehouse, as well as her personal effects including her Grammy, clothing and guitar.

The Jewish Museum London website states:

The family have given the Jewish Museum unprecedented access to Amy’s personal belongings that celebrate her passion for music, fashion, suduko, Snoopy, London and her family.

Amy was close to her family and had a strong sense of her Jewish roots and heritage. The exhibition will show many unseen photographs of Amy’s family life – Friday night dinners, Alex’s Barmitzvah and vintage photographs of their beloved grandmother Cynthia.

Since Amy Winehouse’s family is involved with this exhibition I’m sure it will be touching and will give us a glimpse to the true person that Amy Winehouse was – and that I miss dearly. I only hope that this exhibition will travel to The Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

Source: The Times of London


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  1. […] While the world may remember Amy Winehouse as a troubled soul with a ratty beehive and a sultry voice, she will always be Amy to her family. In honor of the singer’s short yet notable career, her brother Alex and his wife Riva have curated an exhibit of unseen images and personal effects for the Jewish Museum London in the hopes of giving us all a true glimpse of the real Amy. (MISS) […]

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