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And Now a Word About Clean-up…

Like washing your face to prevent breakout, the same could be said about proper brush cleaning. How often do you clean your  brushes? A week, two weeks, a month? I am ashamed to say that I have let laziness get the best of me and once cleaned my brushes close to a month. The moment I really thought about it, I got disgusted and now I try to clean my brushes at least once a week. Without proper clean-up, you run the risk of blending germs, bacteria and oil on your eyes and face if you just let product build up.

Yes, this can get rather costly if you use a brand name brush cleaner but I have a solution that shouldn’t cost you more than $1.

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That’s right baby shampoo in a travel size bottle. The bottle shown can easily last me a few months, well shorter amount of time if I have to take this bottle with me to use on my daughter when we’re traveling. It can get time consuming depending on how many brushes you own and use. I like to break up my clean-up sessions by brush type – shadow brushes one day, blush brushes the next.

You can pour some shampoo in a plastic cup/container and swirl but I just massaging pigment out of the bristles with my fingers. Make sure you wet the bristles first by pointing the bristles down, toward the sink and drain. You don’t want to keep the area between the bristles, wood and holder wet. This will loosen the grip causing the bristles to come out or there might be a possibility of mold if you don’t dry completely.

Once the brushes are clean from makeup and residue, carefully squeeze excess water from bristles with your fingertips and also a towel. I lay my brushes on the side of my sink with the bristles over the edge of the sink so if there is any excess water, it’ll drip into the sink. When I do this the night before, my eye shadow brushes dry over night. However, my blush, powder and bronzing brushes take a little longer to dry.

You can also extend a bit of cleaning time if you do a quick spot cleaning with bottled brush cleaner, I prefer the MAC brush cleaner poured into a small travel spray bottle. I spray a small amount on a paper towel and gently swirl my brush into it until it’s clean. I really like taking this little bottle with me on vacation so I can spot clean even when I’m away from home. This is great because it dries right away – perfect if you are applying makeup on others of if you are using the same brush to apply both light and dark colors.

Baby shampoo works just as well on synthetic brushes as it does on natural.

Like fresh clean bed sheets, I take immediate comfort when I see my nice clean brushes. It’s just a shame to get them dirty all over again. Oh well….

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