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Recreate the Runway: Revlon for Lisa Perry A/W 2013

If you don’t pay attention to the fashion calendar or live under a rock, February is a pretty big deal – Fall Fashion week premieres in NYC. Designers take this time to show editors what they are rolling out for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season and for a big sweater and coat lover, it’s my favorite season. Also, I really love to see how hair and makeup is incorporated.

Since it’s actually spring when magazine editors are trying to get us to think about Winter coming (Game of Throne fans, anyone?), it’s great to find a look that can be worn during the warmer months around the corner as well as during the freezing months later.

Revlon Global Artistic Director, Gucci Westman, captured designer Lisa Perry’s vision of a modern girl’s take on the popular mod look of the 60’s, to complement the bright and vibrant designs of the designer’s Fall ’13 collection.

Westman created something playful yet keeping strong references to the 1960’s that would complement Perry’s collection. Focus was kept on the eyes while going for something retro. To make it more contemporary, Westman went with bright blues, purples with shadow on top instead of the traditional black. Skin is kept simple and natural – freckles were created on the nose with nude pencil.

Here’s a preview of the look:


I love this look but then again I’m a bit obsessed with strong-lined lids. I wanted to do something with a periwinkle blue shadow but I didn’t have anything current in my arsenal and that kind of blue is either too light or chalky so I went with a bright peacock blue shimmer and yes, I took this opportunity to practice my false lashes skills.

Ugh, I need more practice applying them on myself!



I took the bright blue pencil (UD 24/7 glide-on pencil, Radium) lined my entire lid, blending with my finger to create a cream shadow layer. I then applied the soft blue shimmer (from the Revlon Inspired palette) and applied on top of the liner. I also lined my orbital bone with the Radium pencil and blended with a pencil brush for a real defined crease. I then lined with a black liquid liner and then applied my lashes. After drying, I added another coat of black liner to try to camouflage the fake lashes strip. A light coat of mascara helped to blend the fake lashes with my natural ones.

I applied a natural bisque blush, NARS Nico just for smooth polish on my cheekbones and I lightly sculpted my cheekbones with NARS Irresistiblement. Then, I finished with sheer nude shell pink, NARS Larger than Life gloss, Spring Break.

I had a lot of fun with recreating these looks because it’s my own interpretation and I try to work with colors that I know work with my skin tone. If you are in a rut or like experimenting, then take a chance with recreating a look seen in editorials or maybe the bright lipstick worn bravely by the cool girls selling you coffee at 7:30 AM.

If all else fails – keep your makeup remover and cotton balls within arms reach.


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