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New Music From Lana Del Rey: “Summer Wine” and “Young & Beautiful”

By now you’ve probably heard and seen all the hype surrounding the release of The Great Gatsby on May 10th. The film will definitely deliver in the film and fashion aspects, and from what I’ve seen already the soundtrack seems to be on point too. Lana Del Rey has the lead track on The Great Gatsby soundtrack with her Young & Beautiful single.

Lana Del Rey has long described herself as a “gangster Nancy Sinatra” so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that she covered a Nancy Sinatra song called “Summer Wine.” Originally recorded in 1967 with Lee Hazelwood the song seems like the perfect song for Lana Del Rey to cover with her boyfriend Barrie-James O’Neill, singer for the band Kassidy. It’s a great update in true LDR style…

And while we’re on the subject of covers, at the end of March Lana Del Rey released a video for a cover of Leonard Cohen’s Chelsea Hotel No 2.


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