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Ask MISSter Simms – I Don’t Like My Boyfriend’s Gifts

pearl necklace

Dear MISSter Simms,

My boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for around a year.  I just celebrated my 23rd birthday, and for the occasion my boyfriend got me a pearl necklace.  It’s a beautiful necklace, and I appreciate it, but I never wear jewelry nor have I ever been a real fan of pearls.  Our anniversary is coming up soon, and he was hinting at getting me yet another pearl necklace (in a different color), but I’d much rather him spend his money on something I would actually want.  How can I hint to him that I don’t want more pearls without hurting his feelings?  I’ll wear the pearls he already got me to show that I appreciate the effort and gesture, but I don’t want him to waste his money on any more jewelry.

No More Jewels

Dear NMJ,

This is one of those cases were beating around the bush will get you nowhere.  Instead you need to be up front and honest with how you feel.  Luckily you can do that and let your boyfriend know that the gift he already got you is awesome and appreciated.  All you have to do is let your boyfriend know how beautiful and appreciated your pearl necklace is, and that you plan on wearing it out on special occasions or when you want to dress up your outfit because it’s too nice and special to wear on a regular basis. Then let him know that because you already have such a great and special necklace, you probably don’t need any more flashy jewelry.  Once it’s been established that more jewelry may not be the best path to go, you can start suggesting other things you like while the two of you are out strolling through the mall.  You could even be explicit with it by pointing to something and exclaiming, “I want that!”  Your boyfriend should definitely get the message after that.

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