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M.I.S.S. Techcessories – Nikon Coolpix A Marries Digital SLR with Point and Shoot

When it comes to taking pictures, digital SLRs reign supreme at the top of the heap.  Unfortunately their superior image quality comes at a price: size.  What respectable person wants to walk around lugging a hefty camera in their bag, or, even worse, hanging around their neck like a tourist?

That’s where Nikon is stepping in with its new Coolpix A digital camera.  It marries the performance of a DSLR with the size of a point and shoot camera.

The Coolpix A measure in at At 4.4 × 2.6 × 1.6 inches and weighs 10.6 ounces.  It’s not quite slim enough to fit in your jeans, but won’t cause you to visit your local chiropractor either.  The camera’s small size is due, in part, to the chosen lens. It’s 18.5mm with a maximum f/2.8 aperature and quick autofocus performance.  Working in conjunction with the lens to make those DSLR like pictures possible is a 16.2 megapixel DX-format sensor.  To get even better looking photos out of the camera, you can use its advanced settings that allow users to have complete creative control over nearly any shooting situation. It’s got multiple Scene Modes, a familiar manual focus ring, full manual exposure controls (P, S, A, M), and the ability to shoot RAW/NEF image files.

Of course, all these features in such a tiny package comes at a price.  The Coolpix A will be available later this month in black or silver for $1,100.


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