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Iggy Azalea – Work

I just came across a new Iggy Azalea video of her new single Work which recounts her story of of running away from home at 16 (she told her mom she was going on vacation and never came back) and moving from rural Australia to Miami to become a rapper. Talk about going after your dreams!

I read through some of the many comments on Youtube and many of them had to do with her derriere, which is unfortunate because her flow is actually good. I’m not one for gratuitous stripper scenes but in this case it’s part of the story. Part of me wonders whether it’s that necessary if it’s actually taking the shine away from her true talent (rapping). On the other hand it enhances her appeal and story telling. And why should she have to alter her story because people make inappropriate comments?

Other people commented about her fake accent. To that, I have two things to say. First, it’s common for musicians to take on an accent if the music the perform is from a localized area. The most prevalent example is Punk – if you listen to many U.S. Punk bands, you’ll notice the singers add a twinge of an English accent to give the music some authenticity since Punk started in England. Since Iggy Azalea is signed to T.I.’s label you can hear a bit of that Southern Twinge since her style of rap is influenced by the South. Second, most artists by the time you hear about them are manufactured and polished in some way. So please stop thinking that everything you see and hear hasn’t been made to look a certain way on purpose. Nothing is by accident.

Sorry for my rant. Thoughts?? Hope you enjoy the new track.

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One Response to “Iggy Azalea – Work”

  1. cj says:

    i agree…it’s like ur not sure at first but it’s completely her style which u can’t really argue with that. our world is so much closer with the internet so we can authenticate ourselves whichever way we choose


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