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blow pro Hair Products Review

Lately, it seems you can’t walk too far from running into a “blow dry” only salon in any bustling city. These are the joints that will hook you up with a shampoo and blow out only. If you shell out an extra $10, you can get a deep conditioning added on. I have gone to a few to see what the fuss is all about and of course on the occasion of going out on a date with my man or hijinx with my girls! These places are also conducive to girly fun with feminine interiors and sometimes champagne/wine are offered for maximum relaxation. The best part is that you can get in and out (if you are on time) in under 45 minutes. What’s better than that? The cost for just the basic blowout at some of these places is just $35. Price will creep up if you ask for an up-do or request hot irons, extra treatment, etc.

I still think it’s a great self-indulgent treat when you can afford a $120 massage. But what if you are nowhere near one of these specialty blow dry salons? Or if you can’t even afford that? Well the NYC blow dry bar, BLOW has got you covered.

A NYC institution since 2005, the stylists at Blow have been hooking up local and visiting folks looking for a pick me up, thus creating a cult-like following of blowout obsessed fans. In 2008, Blow Pro products were introduced to the masses. These products were specifically designed for top of the line results.

I was smitten because of cute graphic design packaging. Also, I can never walk away from a bottle that promises me ‘kitten with a whip’ kind of hair. It just also fails to mention that your wrists will be begging for mercy after you are down blow drying your long hair section by section.

The Heat is On is a protective styling mist you use on your damp hair to protect from the heat of your blow dryer. This your first layer, first line of defense. It’s protein blend also detangles your wet hair easily.

Next layer Blow Up, thickening mist. This styling lotion plumps hair within from a co-polymer blend. Rice and milk protein ads flexibility and strength to your strands. After I spray this on top of the heat protectant spray, I comb to blend the formula together and distribute from root to tips. I dry to get my hair at least 80% dry and then I divide my hair in sections, blow drying, The Blow recommended tip is to dry each section in an upward motion starting at mid-shaft.

The problem I encountered after using is that my ends look even frizzier than usual and that’s a big annoyance to me. I don’t mind big hair but the ends need to look smooth. In all honesty, my hair didn’t look as full as I thought it was going to but then again I got lazy and only dried the top sections only with a big barrel brush. Then to get to the back of my head I blow dry when my hair flipped over and my head upside down. I spend an extra five minutes by just flat ironing the ends that look frizzy. The products also have a nice clean scent but with a bit of alcohol, another con but not necessarily a deal breaker.

Because I like my hair to look just a tad messy and “bed head” like, I take the Beach Blow, texturizing mist and lightly spray the right and left side of my head and just a touch at the crown. I usually run away from the pseudo seawater texturizing sprays because they tend to make my hair feel greasy. This is nice and lightweight, also I just read the styling recommendation – spray on palms and then distribute. I can’t wait try this next time. This can be used as your styling lotion before blow drying or as a finishing touch. This contains marine extracts and Dead Sea salts to texturize, thicken and pump up without drying out your strands. This the one item I was counting on hating but I love this spray the most! It also smells nice without any trace of an alcohol in the background.

These lineup also consists of shampoos, conditioner, dry shampoo and finishing sprays. Sold exclusively at their salons but can also be found at your local Ulta, where I found mine. Since this was the first time I was trying out these products, I opted for the cost efficient travel set. It also comes nicely packaged in a clear plastic zip pouch, convenient for travel and security clearance but it’s kind of hard to take out just to use.

Each travel sized bottle bought separately cost $8 so it was a deal to get this 3 piece set for $19.99. Ulta also has a great return policy, so why not take a chance?

End result of this trifecta of sexy building sprays:

I guess I’ll keep this set and keep practicing my blow out skills. It’s a good thing I’ll save money on salon blowouts because I’ll need it to pay for the massage sessions I need to work out the soreness in arms and shoulders wielding a blow dryer and barrel brush on my long mane!  My stylist always gets a good work out when he blows out my hair after a cut.

**Side Note – I added a touch of a separate finishing oil for a bit of shine and smoothness on my ends.**

Blow Pro products can be found at Ulta or online. Prices of products are mid- range from $7-$22/USD.

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