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Shiseido Spring 2013 Makeup Review

Last week I graciously received some sample colors from the good folks at Shiseido so I can get a closer look at color and formula since I never use the brand. And I am pleasantly pleased.

Meet new additions to your Spring/Summer staple line-up: Luminizing Satin Face Color, OR308 Starfish and Perfect Rouge, OR44 Tiger.

At first swipe,  the Luminizing Satin Face Color Blush is buttery and soft on pigment – which isn’t a bad thing.   It allows you to build the color temperature you want.   The Luminizing Satin Face Color Blush does leave a subtle luminescent sheen on your skin. The shade is a soft peachy apricot with very fine golden shimmer. Because I have a deeper skin tone, this shade is very subtle on me and I need to pack it on a little heavier. But even when I do that it’s still pretty subtle and it’s very pretty. It blends like a dream.

I got about three hours of wear time – I reapplied right after my afternoon workout.  This is a great blush/shade for me on the weekends when I’m driving my daughter from hula to karate classes on Saturday. I can also see this used on weekdays at the office when I want a subtle shade to compliment the sultry orange Tiger.

Here’s a swatch – Tiger Perfect Rouge on the left and Starfish blush is on the right:

I am picky with my lipsticks….I mean PIIIICKY. If I find a brand that doesn’t make my lips peel and itch the next morning after a full day of wear time, I am a new fan and I am a fan of this formula. It goes on with a great amount of slip, it’s somewhat opaque (but I can still see some of the discoloration on my lips through the color) and it dries down comfortable leaving a pretty orange stain. I get a modest amount of wear time, almost three hours. It looks pretty intense in the swatch on my lips but because my lips are naturally dark brownish pink, the color mellows out on me without a lip liner. It’s also fragrance free, which is a bonus if you are scent sensitive.

And I do like the Tokyo Ginza imprint on the very bottom of the lipstick. It’s a nice touch.

I am considering looking into more shades and even checking out the eye shadows. I love the Spring/Summer inspired shades but I would also love some basics neutrals I can rely on a daily basis.

I do like the packaging as well – it’s lightweight, it’s shiny black with a lacquer-like finish. It does attract fingerprints easily so beware if that’s an issue.

I really love the sun kissed glow I get from this duo even though it was 48 degrees outside my window when I took this picture.

Perfect Rouge, $25/USD.

Luminizing Satin Face Color – $30/USD.

Available at Sephora, online and department stores that feature the Shiseido brand.


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