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PopMolly – Fun Sustainable Accessories

I have to say there weren’t many new brands to get my attention during this last Las Vegas trade show trip but one brand I did enjoy discovering is PopMolly.  What made me stop in my tracks was that these bags looked very much like Chanel bags – but rather than being straight copies like so many other brands doing the same bags in leather.  These faux quilted bags are made from sustainable materials that are durable and easy to clean.  The addition of studs gives the bags a little edge.  My favorite part of the collection was the fun colors that bags came in – especially the glow in the dark bags.  These bags are super affordable at under $100 a pop you can get the look of Chanel without looking like you’re wearing a fake.  You can get yours now on

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2 Responses to “PopMolly – Fun Sustainable Accessories”

  1. Ana Anastasia B says:

    OMG! The guys from that brand came to the booth I was working and gave us a belt and slap bracelet I didn’t hear anything about them doing quilted Chanely bags. Definitely an interesting find in the sea of stuff at MAGIC.

  2. Gabriella Gabriella says:

    Hi Anastasia B,
    Yeah, their belts and bracelets were ok it was the bags that really got my attention.


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