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NARS 413 BLKR Multiple Review

This Spring NARS has launched a few new Spring items – one palette containing cheek and eye shadows, The Happening ($65) and a six pan eye shadow palette, And God Created Woman ($59).  Since I was offered the chance to sample something, I went for one of my favorite NARS staples, the latest Multiple stick – a lovely deep burgundy, 413 BLKR:

Named after the flagship store in Manhattan, it’s only natural that this is exclusively sold at the 413 Bleeker Street boutique and 8412 Melrose, the new boutique in Los Angeles. As I mentioned above it’s a deep color and when swatched it can seem intense and overwhelming.

But don’t worry, with a light touch it blends beautifully and gives that sort of flush like you were either playing tennis in the sun or were up to no good. I’ll leave that up to you.

Like most Multiples I own and have used it doesn’t have a lot of longevity. I think it’s because of the cream formula, it just absorbs into my skin. I always use a good primer and I’m lucky if the Multiple will last for more than 3 hours on my cheeks. Good thing it’s portable because you will need to touch  up mid-day.

I also love the packaging. It’s still the same but the text is a little different. It has the name of the shade underneath the NARS logo.

It even looks good on my lips, it’s a pretty wine stain. I would probably use a lip brush next time to pack on more color and then lay a clear balm on top for some shine.

This is going to look great for a minimal evening makeup look on a hot summer night with a top not bun and long dangling earrings. I would probably deepen the lips with a brownish red lip liner for more of an impact.

Overall, I’m really pleased with this latest addition to the Multiple lineup, however the exclusivity will make it harder for a fan in either Seattle or Minneapolis that won’t be in NYC/LA and is hesitant to order untested cosmetics online.

413 BLKR Multiple, $39/USD

Available at the 413 Bleeker boutique in NYC and (new) 8412 Melrose boutique in Los Angeles. Also available online.

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