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My Favorite Artist Collaborations Out Now

Artist collaborations have been around forever but there’s something in the air lately – there are some really good collabs out there right now and I find myself reaching for my wallet more than I would like.  While brands like Louis Vuitton have long been doing artist collaborations, this Spring they went down to the streets and worked with graffiti artists while brands like Coach are throwing their hat in the game to get their graffiti on.  Here’s a break down of my favorite graffiti artist collabs out now …

Louis Vuitton Foulards D’Artiste Collection

Louis Vuitton x Retna

louis vuitton x retna

By far my favorite of the bunch, I’m happy to say that I’m a proud owner of the Louis Vuitton x Retna stole (in the brighter colorway).  My only dilemma right now is whether I should frame it or wear it.  It’s so lovely and I can’t wait to break this out come spring.

Louis Vuitton x Os Gemeos and Louis Vuitton x Lady Aiko

louis vuitton x os gemeos louis vuitton x lady aiko

This colorful silk scarf depicts the faces Os Gemeos are famous for creating.  I’m happy to say I have one of these on hold for me as we speak.

I knew there was a third scarf in the Louis Vuitton artist series and I just saw the Lady Aiko scarf and I love it.  I may have to get one of these two and just have the whole set.  I’m telling you, this is a problem – for my wallet!

Coach x Krink

coach x krink

I have to say that I haven’t been the biggest Coach fan once it hit the masses and was seen everywhere.  I still have my old school Coach bag and briefcase in Mahogany and I still do like their heritage collection so I’m not totally put off by the brand.  I’ve been in the market for a new everyday bag and when I saw the Coach x Krink tote bag online I think this is just the product to bring me back to the brand.  Those signature Krink drips look good on anything.  I’m going to the store to check out the black/white tote for myself tomorrow.  My wallet is hating me right now!

Reebok x Keith Haring

reebok x keith haring

Reebok has produced a capsule collection of sneakers in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation.  The two style above are my favorite and I think they do an amazing job of capturing the essence of Keith Haring’s work.  They look like super fun styles to wear – though I’d be too afraid to scuff them.

Joyrich x Keith Haring

joyrich x keith haring

Last week I gave a preview of the Fall 2013 Joyrich x Keith Haring capsule collection.  David Melgar, the designer of Joyrich chose some of his favorite Keith Haring images and emblazoned them on all kinds of sportswear for a fun, bright collection.

Curtis Kulig x Smashbox // Curtis Kulig x Vans

curtis kulig x vans curtis kulig x smashbox

Curtis Kulig’s iconic “Love Me” logo and heart are very timely and so we saw some Valentine’s day products with his signature “Love Me” and heart.  Vans produced a small line designed by Curtis Kulig while Smashbox produced two eye palettes:  Entice Me offers cooler tones while Admire Me brings subtle natural hues.




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