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Wishing You Well in 2013!

I hope you all had a nice holiday!  I took a much needed break that ended up being a bit longer than intended.  My husband was off from work for two weeks and since he normally works long hours, I took some extra time off to spend some quality family time.  I barely checked my email or social media and the extent to which I played on my phone was a game of Solitaire before bed.  I’m not going to lie, it felt good.  Since I blog, I’m always connected and always checking my phone or computer or iPad.  But for two weeks I was disconnected and I feel like it gave me the space I needed.  I didn’t feel the need to share everything on Instagram (and then to Twitter and Facebook) and instead, I savored each moment with my family.  My battery is re-charged and I feel reinvigorated to take on 2013.  I’m starting my (now) annual cleanse to get my eating habits back on track and I’ve come up with some resolutions that I think I can actually keep.  It’s good to be back and I look forward to sharing 2013 with you!




P.S. – If you want to learn more about the cleanse, I explained it and kept a diary with recipes last year on Lil’ Miss.

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