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What I’m Feelin’ Right Now: Orange and Blue

One of the things I learned in Fashion Merchandising 101 back in Jr. College and when I thought I was going to take the fashion world by storm (a very short thought), is that the short period between Winter and Spring collections is what you call Resort or Transitional wear. This is when I notice lots of nautical preppy feeling pieces – navy stripes. Also, this is why you tend to see some bathing suits on the rack. Yes, there are folks out there that can afford a quick jaunt to Bermuda over the weekend when us regular folks are trying to score matinee tickets to The Hobbit or the next Die Hard installation (my husband’s fantasy Valentine’s gift). I like this short time collection, deep down I’m a boating preppy or I just wish to look like one. I love navy as an alternative to black and charcoal. Normally, I would just throw on a navy and white striped tee with a long cardigan, boyfriend jeans and call it a day. But the recent window display at the Banana Republic store on my way to the office has got me thinking about pairing my stripes differently:

Navy and Orange:

I think the navy just gives that orange a pop of polish. Also, I love the orange bangles on the left mannequin – it’s just a little touch of color without going overboard.

I know it’s hard to tell but the mannequin on the left has a navy trench on and it just look fabulous over the yellow skinny ankle pants. I am a huge fan of the skinny ankle pants since 1994 when Uma Thurman’s mob boss wife role, Mia sported a chic black Agnes B skinny pant suit with ballet flats in Pulp Fiction. I love all three looks, it’s just amazing that navy keeps the look sharp and is a great vehicle for the softer and brighter colors awaiting us in just a few short months. I should also mention that the orange here isn’t bright but muted. These windows kill me as I see them daily on my way to work. I’m saving up now because items in any of the Gap owned stores will go on sale.

So what does this have to do with makeup? It’s caused me to crave a blue smoky eye with a coral lip.

From left to right: Coral Fire, Too Faced La Creme; Radium, Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil; Prussian, MAC; Omega, MAC; Midnight Sky, Le Metier de Beaute; and Taj Mahal blush, NARS.

I started with Radium (cool medium blue) all over my lid, 2/3 up from my orbital bone. I smudge with my fingertips upward and then pat Prussian (deep matte navy) on top with a flat densely packed shadow brush. I take Omega (grey taupe satin) and apply to my crease with a fluffy crease brush. I then apply Midnight Sky (deep blackened navy with fine blue glitter) in my outer-v. I finish with MAC Superslick liner in (not swatched) Signature Blue (bright cool denim blue). As  a brow bone highlighter I used a creamy bisque matte shade (UD’s Foxy – also not swatched). Tie together with lots of black mascara.

I tie in the orange component with a striking tangerine blush, Taj Mahal and a orange/red coral, Coral Fire. I should really reach for this shade more often. It’s cheerful and not too scary bright for the office. It looks lovely in the late winter cold and I’m sure it’s going to fit in really well for the spring and summer months ahead. Speaking of which, baseball season is right around the color – Coral Fire is going to work well with my SF Giants shirts/hats!

My makeup is usually a reflection of how I feel in the morning or what kind of message I’m trying to send. It’s not very often that I’m inspired by a window display. This is a reminder of paying attention to my surroundings because who knows, my next inspiration could be from a Home Depot visit.

Well that’s if my husband drags me out there and I’m bored.

Have you been inspired unexpectedly lately? Where? What? How?


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