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The Water Secret and Murad Resurgence Reviews

the water secret

A few months ago someone from Murad reached out to me to see if I wanted to review The Water Secret and try out some product. I’m sometimes hesitant to try out beauty products because if I don’t like the product, I just won’t write a review. I decided to give the Murad products a try though because they are actually developed by Dr. Howard Murad a dermatologist.

I started out first by reading The Water Secret by Dr. Murad.  The main tenet of the book is that while we are all going crazy looking for the fountain of youth, we actually need to look no further than water.  He explains youth on a cellular level and you learn that hydration is truly the key to living a healthy life and looking young.

Dr. Murad then details the steps you can take in your life to stay more hydrated – and no, it doesn’t involve guzzling bottles of water.  Instead, Dr. Murad invites you to “eat your water.”  He lists foods that are high in water content and even shares recipes.  I loved The Water Secret and as someone who has done cleanses and is eating more clean these days (and thus more water) I can tell you that it works.  When I’m off the junk food and eating only whole foods with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables one of the first differences I see in my appearance is my skin.  And other people notice too – people actually compliment me on my skin (that has never happened before – ever!).

murad rersugence

When I saw how great The Water Secret was I decided to give some Murad products a try.  I opted for the Resurgence collection because I figured I could use all  the help I could get even though I was “eating my water.”  The set consists of a Cleansing Cream, Age-Diffusing Serum and Age-Balancing Night Cream.  I have sensitive skin but had no problems with these products.  They were very gentle on my skin and didn’t dry it out at all.  In fact, quite the opposite my skin felt really soft and smooth.  I started seeing results very quickly and will definitely keep this set as a part of my daily beauty routine.

You can find the Resurgence and other Murad skincare kits on and The Water Secret on


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