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Phlo Finister “Poster Girl” EP & Hotel Miami Video

phlo finister poster girl

Last year we introduced you to one of our favorite new artists Phlo Finister and we even featured her in our Women Making History series. Last month was a bit crazy with the holidays so this flew under my radar but on 12.21.12 Phlo Finister released Poster Girl, the follow up EP to Crown Gold.

Her newest incarnation is inspired by the MOD and Youthquake movement, and in many ways I think she’s trying to start Youthquake 2.0. While Crown Gold featured her own lyrics over existing beats in true mixtape fashion, the Poster Girl EP features original music with production by Benny Cassette, Nuri & Young Savage and King David and SpaceGhostPurrp.

phlo finister poster girl

While Pholo Finister brings back the MOD movement, she does so with the sweet sounds of 90s R&B. Her new video Hotel Miami is very reminiscent of Lana Del Rey videos that start off with a monologue and also the way the film is shot is similar to the video montages that Lana Del Rey creates. See Hotel Miami below and let me know what you think – are the comparisons to Lana Del Rey justified? You can also listen to the Poster Girl EP below. Enjoy!

If you like what you hear you can download Phlo Finister’s Poster Girl here.

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  1. […] West Coast born and bred, gangster Factory Girl Phlo Finister flew right under everyone’s radar with her 12/21/12 release Poster Girl. Maybe it was all the Mayan end times hype or we were all just too consumed with the Holidays to take a minute to listen to the second EP from the model turned stylist turned singer who seamlessly merges Mary Quant and 90′s R&B in an effort to bring on Youthquake 2.0. Check out the video for Hotel Miami and then go download Poster Girl…you know you want to. (M.I.S.S) […]

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