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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Kinect with Your Body and Dance!

Kinect with your new dance instructors… in your living room.

January is such a motivating time of year.  Some folks set goals for eating cleaner, while others focus on connecting with their body by exercising more.  Fresh resolutions usually drive a pack of January gym rats to the treadmills each year, turning your usual workout routine into a waiting game.  Skip the crowds at the gym and instead, bring the workout, and the party, to your living room by hooking up the Xbox 360 Kinect system.  There’s no need for a controller with Kinect, because YOU are the controller, which means you’ll definitely get your body moving.  While all of the games provide a fun and active experience, the one that really makes me sweat is Dance Central.

There was a time when my main form of exercise was getting my dance on.  My girls and I would look all cute for a night at the club, but we secretly knew that we just wanted to bust a move and break a sweat. Now, with Dance Central, I don’t even need to deal with grumpy security guards because I can just tear up my living room dance floor.

Even though Kinect and Dance Central came out a few years ago, each time I turn it on I’m amazed at the technology.  This is coming from an OG 8-bit Nintendo gamer.  Kinect really can sense your movements, giving you points for how on point you are.  To make it even more fun, you can throw a Dance Central party and battle your friends.  There’s nothing like a little friendly competition.

Dance Central has 3 versions to date, each with a different set of songs and routines.  This game can literally teach you how to Dougie and show you how to Jerk (not like that’s how I learned).  You can even boogie down with Kool & the Gang, or 1, 2 step to Ciara.  But don’t expect all the dances to be familiar, because there are hundreds of moves that you can add to your arsenal.  You can’t mess with my Swag Drop and Talk to the Hand.  But no matter the song, when the moves are put all together, you’ll need a water break.  The songs range in difficulty levels, but I personally like to perform at a medium to ensure that it will be a good workout.  That won’t stop me from practicing the hard songs, because ever since I first played Dance Central, I secretly wished I memorized the funkiest of the routines so I could bust it out on the dance floor.  So if you see me and my girls getting down to Salt-N-Pepa and pushin’ it real good, then you know where we got our moves from. But you won’t be seeing me in the gym anytime soon, because the Dance Central is at home!

Anyone else dance off to Dance Central?  What’s your go-to song?

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