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Femme Freak / NailPhunk / Lobe Riders Jewelry – Get Ready Ladies!

femme freak
If there was any doubt that women’s streetwear was making a comeback then put those doubts away. The latest brand making waves – Femme Freak – is a triple threat. Catering to women who are “feminine, but gritty” Femme Freak is a women’s lifestyle brand inspired by 90s hip hop and club scenes from New York to California. Under the Femme Freak umbrella is Nailphunk a line of nail polish and nail wraps and Lobe Riders Jewelry a line of plexiglass and silver jewelry.


Femme Freak has a line of popular beanies featuring three chains which have sold out multiple times but they’ll be back in stock on Monday. In the meantime, check out their fun leggings, nail wraps and jewelry. You’re welcome.

femme freak

femme freak

femme freak lobe riders


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