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Bite Beauty: High Pigment Lip Pencil

You know that beauty science factoid, the average woman (or drag queen) can consume anywhere from 3-7 lbs of lipstick her entire lifetime? I still think it’s probably up to 3 lbs…tops. If this is actually true shouldn’t the lip product you consume be at least healthy? Enter Canadian company, Bite Beauty:

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Created by Susanne Langmuir in 2011 as a result of experiencing sensitivity from lipstick brands on the market, fragrance heavy and chemical packed. Each lip product is fragrance free and packed with food grade, antioxidant ingredients that are good enough to eat. The line currently only features lipsticks, glosses and the item I am reviewing today – High Pigment Pencil.

The beauty world seems to be obsessed with chubby lip pencils that work double duty: lip lining and as a lipstick. Since I’m a multi-tasker by nature these hybrid lip pencils interest me and it’s nice that I can stick them in my pocket when I’m in a rush to get out of my house. It does pack a nice punch at first swatch.


Use the tip of the pencil to trace along lip lines and then fill in with the side of the pencil. It has great intensity so there’s really no need to pack on layers of color. It has good amount of slip without being too glossy. No need to buy a special sharpener – it’s self sharpening by twisting the back tip. That’s a HUGE plus for me!

It also contains an amount of  Reseveratrol (compound found on the skin of red grapes) that’s equivalent to 5 glasses of red wine. Side note – all lip products from this company contain Reseveratrol. It’s supposed to assist the body to fight free radicals while providing a natural age-defense for your lips.

The color I chose is Amarone, a raisin berry. It’s actually a brighter reddish pink in person. I love it because it’s a cheery color without being too obnoxious at 7:30 am at work. Amarone is a rich dry Italian red wine made from a blend of dried grapes. A very fitting name that makes me want to seek a bottle of this great bitter.

The con of this lip pencil is it doesn’t last very long. I can get 2.5 or maybe even 3 hours and that’s me being generous. When it does fade I am left with a light pretty berry stain. Also, after two days of wearing, my lips don’t feel extra moisturized but a bit dry. I have to exfoliate more and apply a generous coat of lip balm after washing my face at night. I am still willing to give this another shot – I may even invest in one more item, maybe a lipstick this time.

If that next lip product fails me, I guess it’s back to consuming chemically enhanced lip products. Not a huge surprise since I am still mourning the absence of Twinkies on the grocery shelves.

Bite Beauty is exclusively offered at Sephora and retails for $24/USD  0.09 oz.

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