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Beauty Baller on a Budget: Organix Bath & Body Collection

Holiday hangover got you feeling blah and broke? Looking for a luxurious treat for you skin this winter that won’t break the bank? All you have to do is travel to the lotion section of your nearest drugstore to check out my latest favorite bathroom items – Organix Bath & Body Collection. I was lucky enough to receive some samples from the good people at Organix.

Organix is the number one natural hair care brand in Natural consumer products channel and recently reached over 100 million dollars in sales revenue to-date. Now the company has branched out into body care products. The collection consists of body washes, lotions and even a dry body oil.

You have four scents to choose from: Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus, Healing Cherry Blossom Rice Milk, Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil, and Soothing Teatree Peppermint. I went with Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil Creamy Oil Body Lotion and Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus Creamy Body Wash and Creamy Body Lotion.

Argan Oil has become a hot trend ingredient in hair care and face/body lotions in the past few years. The argan tree, primarily found in Morocco, produces a fruit that contains a very important nut. Argan oil producers find these undigested seeds in the droppings from Tamri goats that eat the fruit from the trees. Because of the increasing demand of argan oil, the fruit is harvested directly from the tree and pressed mechanically vs. the arduous task of air drying and extracting the kernel from the nut.

Their are many moisturizing benefits of this oil due to it containing up to seven essential fatty acids, including Omega 6 and Omega 9, olieic and linic acids. This tames frizzy hair, while moisturizing hands, faces and bodies. The jury is still out on how beneficial it is to those that suffer from eczema, being a chronic sufferer, this Organix lotion did fine on my skin.

It feels a little thicker than regular lotions and it absorbs quickly. It has a light fresh, sweet scent that fades quickly – if you are sensitive to scents. It also contains sugar cane, willow bark, rice milk and bamboo extract. It kept my skin smooth the first week but I experienced some irritation on my upper arms – this may be due to the cold weather wreaking havoc on my eczema. I’ll probably stop using this lotion till my skin calms down and start using again. The weight of this is great for cold weather and it has finely milled glitter so your it makes your skin shimmer. It’s very subtle but if that is a deal breaker, you may want to reconsider trying this out. A dry body oil is also offered and I’m curious about it since the weather will be cold for a few more months – I could use an extra moisturizing layer right out of the shower.

The next items I tried out were the Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus creamy body wash and body lotion.


The creamy body wash lathers nicely in the shower and leaves a subtle scent on my skin that is fleeting. The body lotion feels lighter in weight than the Moroccan Argan Oil lotion and it absorbs quickly. Both items contain coconut milk proteins, hibiscus extract, sugar cane, willow bark, rice milk and bamboo extract. It also has finely milled glitter that imparts a subtle shine on the skin. It leaves a very light woody sweet and floral scent.

And yes, it does make me wish I was here:

I feel the Hydrating Moroccan Argan Oil body wash, lotion and dry oil is great for the winter since it feels slightly thicker and has a nice light scent that won’t clash with any of your heavier winter fragrances. The Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus would be great for the warmer months due to it’s light weight and the scent takes you away to an island vacation instantly. I also appreciate that these are not heavily perfumed like most Victoria’s Secrets and Bath & Body Works products. I do wish it didn’t contain any shimmering glitter – I’m not a big fan of shimmer lotions. I do appreciate that they are finely milled and it does wear off if your skin is covered for most of the day. It would be a great addition to leg baring skirts, dresses and shorts once summer hits.

If you are a fan of Organix hair care then you’ll also love their new body care products!

Products retails for $7.99 USD/13 fl oz (Moroccan Argan Dry Body Oil is 6.8 fl oz) and these items can be found in most drugstores and Ulta Beauty.


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2 Responses to “Beauty Baller on a Budget: Organix Bath & Body Collection”

  1. Mylani says:

    Just started using Organix! I’m a big fan of the hibiscus coconut body wash, love the scent. Currently using the awapuhi/ginger shampoo & conditioner. The conditioner doesn’t leave my hair as silky as I am used to with not so natural products but I like the fresh scent and the whole not testing on animals. I’m probably going to work my way through the rest of the hair and body wash products.

  2. Hi Mylani!
    I have been wanting to try out their hair products, too but I have a lot of shampoo/conditioners in my shower to work through. I love the Argan oil lotion, I still want to try the Argan Oil hair products.

    Thanks for the comment!!


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