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What I Want For the Holidays – Yasmin

Ah, my most favorite time of year is here – for real, I love Christmas and the entire fall season for every little detail it has to offer. So it’s a given that I’d appreciate the nature behind gifts for Christmas, and I welcome it with open arms. And for the record, I find extreme joy in giving gifts; so don’t judge me just yet! You should know though, that I am one of the most difficult people to shop for, ever; I am absolutely indecisive and as I mature (refined word for aging), it only gets better! So please bear with me as I tried really hard to narrow it down to my top 5, although it has to be said that I like opening lots of gifts. Call me spoiled, but there’s something so thrilling about unwrapping presents, so I say, even if small and inexpensive, the more the merrier! Plus I’m a sucker for well-crafted wrap jobs!

First off, I NEED a new laptop, MacBook Pro to be exact. My old one is about to kick rocks so this would be fantastic: A brand new 15-inch MacBook Pro available at

I’ve always wanted to visit New York during Christmas time, so a round trip ticket to New York would be just what Santa Baby ordered for 2013. *oh hey boyfriend, hint-hint!*

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I love jewelry. Gold and studded and glamorous, bring ‘em on! Since I already gifted myself the J. Crew Classic Pave` Link Bracelet (found here), it’s only right that I get the new Giuliana Rancic for Loft Statement Necklace, you know, so they can unite! Can you imagine the possibilities?! Available at Loft for $54.99!

I’m always looking for the next good bag to slug half my life around. It has to be sturdy, feminine and classy, what better than the J. Crew Biennal Satchel available at for $348.

And last but not least, I’ve been eyeing this lovely Gorjana wallet for months now and what better time to get this but now, right? Right! It’s a small Perry Wallet with lambskin leather and a cute little pop of color. It’s available in black and gold or bone and neon. The bone and neon green is my favorite though. Available for $98 at Cloak & Dagger.

PS if you can’t hook up New York, I’ll settle for Milan, Paris or London! ;]

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