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What I Want for the Holidays – The Movie Buff

There’s at least one in every family: that cousin or sister, or uncle who monopolizes every holiday dinner conversation by spouting the nerdiest trivia about what Peter Jackson ate while filming the Hobbit or why Daniel Craig is the best Bond or how Beast of the Southern Wild was THE best thing ever made, a modern day fairy tale. I know these people so well because I happen to be one. We film geeks are a strange breed and we know what we like, but in case the rest of you are wondering what to get us for the holidays, here is the prefect gift guide for the movie buff in your life.

Final Draft 8: What’s a movie without a good story line? A block buster! Joking aside, this is a great tool for any striving screenwriter. It’s simple to use, has a step-by-step guide to writing a screenplay, and has formatting templates for shows that are currently on TV. Order on over the Final Draft website.

John Hughes T-shirts by SOMETIMES: Any awkward adolescent will find a kindred spirit in the director John Hughes. And you’ll make that person’s holiday perfect giving either of these awesome shirts. Choose Anthony from The Breakfast Club or help present them to the world as a walking John Hughes film in the making. If you don’t know who Anthony is, this is not the gift for you.

Cuisinart Easypop Popcorn Maker: What’s a movie without popcorn? This machine is great for any home theater or basement dweller. And when you are invited over for Lord of The Rings movie marathon you can reap the benefits of this gift as well by bringing it along.

James Bond 50th Anniversary Box Set: James Bond turned 50! If you didn’t know that, you’re film nerd friend does and will love this gift.

Alfred Hitchcock Box Set: I’m so glad the man behind the silhouette is making a comeback. With two  new films out now about the man who loved to make us scream in theaters, this box set is another great edition to any film buff’s collection.

Keyboard Shortcut Skin: If you know someone who likes to make every moment a dramatic cut or worships at the alter of Thelma Schoonmaker, this gift will help them breeze through programs like Photoshop, Aperture, and Final Cut Pro. Plus it will make every other aspiring editor around them at the coffee shop jealous. And for more great gift ideas mosey over to Photojojo website.

“Who The Devil Made It” written by Peter Bogdanovich: I’ll be honest, Kevin Bacon ain’t got nothing on Peter Bogdanovich and his six degrees of separation. The legendary filmmaker shares all the wild and fascinating details of history’s great directors in this book.

Air Jordan Spiz’ike: Ok. Ok. This might be a my own personal item on the list but still! It’s a great gift for that sneaker-head in your life who has also memorized every word of Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It.” And of course there’s no better place to find a pair than over at Extra Butter.

iPhone Video Rig: Sometimes we forget that all of us iPhone users have a great camera in our pockets. So for the filmmaker on the go, this is a great little gadget to help them capture every perfect little moment.

Sony HDR-CX760V: And for those who are looking for a nice camera, which is even better you’re your phone this Sony HDR would be a fabulous gift! Your film nerd friend might even use ti to make a movie about you!

So there you have it! A list for any reel movie geek in your life. Ignore the bad pun. And Happy holidays everyone!

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