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What I Want for the Holidays: Gabriella

what i want for the holidays gabriella 2012

Christmas is just around the corner and these are my five top things that I want from Santa this year. Two of the products aren’t out until spring but I tend to get a lot of cash gifts so I’m saving my pretty pennies for those items. Besides, this is a wishlist and I can wish that they release sooner!

Chanel Camellia Sneakers Spring ’13 – When I saw these sneakers I knew right away I had to have them.  Covered in black leather camellias these kicks would be the shining star of my sneaker collection.

Pantone Christmas Baubles – Pictures of these Pantone ornaments were floating around the web last year but they are actually for sale this year – only not in my city!  So Santa please be nice and drop these down my chimney.  They’d add some nice color to my black and white decorated Christmas tree.

Chanel “Lego” Boy Brick Bag Spring ’13 – I love Lego iconography and when you combine that with Chanel … I die!  I actually want this bag in red because I’m a sucker for red accents.  I’m just hoping I can save up enough for this bag – it’s one of those bags that will definitely be a collector’s item.

Chanel Wool Hat Fall ’13 – Ok, I know there’s a lot of Chanel on this list but hello? Have you seen my other site La Chanelphile??  This hat is actually out now and would be perfect for looking elegant on cold winter days.

Tom Ford Jasmine Rouge – I’m having a jasmine moment right now – I basically want to smell like it all the time.  Tom Ford’s Jasmine Rouge is just the right amount of jasmine to not have you walking around feeling like a flower.

I hope you all get what you want for the holidays this year!  Happy Holidays!

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