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What I Want for the Holidays 2012- NeKelia

The scent of pine needles perfuming my entire house can only mean one thing…Christmas! Although it’s no winter wonderland in the South, the Christmas spirit is alive and well. Not only do I get to guiltlessly stuff my face, but I also get to spend time with family and exchange gifts. I admit, I’m no easy girl to shop for. I’m extremely indecisive (seriously, I changed this list at least five times) and even more picky. So to aid my loved ones in getting a gift I’ll love, I’m listing the top five items I want for the holidays.

1. Huetiful Hair & Facial Steamer ($130)

I’m a natural girl and these curls need lots of love and even more moisture. To ensure their thirst is quenched, I’d like a hair steamer to use when I deep condition (or even as a refresher). I’ve heard amazing things about this particular steamer, so it was a no-brainer. As an added bonus it doubles as a facial steamer. Sounds like a double win to me!

2. Kids Timberland Waterproof Boot in Wheat ($95)

Confession: I’ve never owned a pair of Timerlands. I know. It’s terrible, but don’t judge me. This year my NYer boyfriend is more than willing to introduce me to the Construct crew. Since its my first pair I want to keep things simple and stick to the basics. Wheats are a great place to starts because they are a neutral color and fit perfectly into the girly/tomboy fashion line I live to walk.

3. 14K Gold Double Flared Earlets ($92 each)

I do not regret stretching my ears by any means, but I do miss all of the earring options I once had. Flesh plugs don’t exist for brown girls so we have to find another way to bling out our ear lobes. My preferred solution would be these 14K gold tunnels. An 8mm gauge is a decent sized hole, so these babies must be double flared. I can’t risk losing $184 worth of tunnels.

4. Marc Jacobs Single Quilted Large Crossbody Bag in Pale Pink ($575)

Despite my non-girly ways I love bags. I prefer quilted and cross body bags, so this Marc Jacobs bag was an instant love of mine. The pale pink color (that I would normally hate) is the perfect contrast to my edgy sense of style. Jacobs bags are timeless and I think its time I invested in one.

5. Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard ($1,300)

When I saw the price of this software, I was overcome with despair. I recently learned to used Creative Suite and  have addicted to it since. I am artistically impaired when it comes to putting pen to paper, but when it comes to InDesign I am a tool using queen! I can shade, lasso and gradient with the best of them. I would be eternally grateful (and flat out shocked) if Santa decided to place CS6 wrapped in Mickey Mouse paper under my tree this year. Please.

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